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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-66666.0.9Gadded listen socket security fix for Zabbix agent 2 on Windows
ZBX-414746.0.9Ffixed shortened tag names with multibyte symbols
ZBX-216646.0.9Sfixed Zabbix server crashing during database upgrade when converting service times and there is downtime inside uptime
ZBX-216086.0.9Afixed inability to import a template without linked templates when no changes in template linkage are selected in import options
ZBX-215586.0.9Sfixed possible crash in value cache when a new item is being added in low memory situation
ZBX-215366.0.9Ffixed backslash escape in trigger expression constructor
ZBX-215346.0.9Afixed parsing of backslashes in quoted function parameters
ZBX-215196.0.9Tadded note about php-fpm process name in documentation of PHP-FPM by Zabbix agent template
ZBX-215176.0.9PSfixed invalid update interval handling in network discovery and web scenario scheduling
ZBX-214956.0.9Ffixed selection of IPMI parameters in the host form
ZBX-214946.0.9Ffixed 'Highlight whole row' checkbox label clickability on Problems page
ZBX-214616.0.9Tfixed item "Checksum of /etc/passwd"
ZBX-214546.0.9PSadded blocking of rtc signals during script execution
ZBX-214496.0.9Ffixed accessibility attributes
ZBX-214226.0.9Ffixed inability to change password and/or username on templated SSH items
ZBX-213436.0.9Ffixed trends, history and interval values being incorrectly converted to years in item list subfilter
ZBX-213326.0.9Afixed runtime errors when linking items from two templates that populate same inventory field
ZBX-213046.0.9Tfixed ping item preprocessing regex in PHP-FPM templates to be compatible with Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-212706.0.9Ffixed already used color autocompletion in graph widget edit form
ZBX-212666.0.9Sfixed {ITEM.KEY} macro not getting expanded in expression macros
ZBX-212646.0.9Ffixed empty service suggestions in SLA reports
ZBX-211496.0.9Ffixed 'Update interval' field not being set read-only for items created from prototypes
ZBX-211166.0.9Afixed undefined offset error when adding dependency for trigger prototype on host trigger
ZBX-210706.0.9AFfixed missing discovery rule for a discovered host group and updated links to host prototype
ZBX-209436.0.9PSfixed LLD hostgroup prototypes failure at 2nd and consequent runs because of long hostgroup names
ZBX-206836.0.9Ffixed action buttons functionality in Tags tab of host configuration if it is opened as popup on another Tags tab
ZBX-206446.0.9Ffixed slow loading of Latest data when filtered by single host
ZBX-197836.0.9Sadded sourceip handling for scheduled reports
ZBX-181426.0.9Ffixed validation of input parameters in context menu AJAX requests