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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-51054.0.6Fadded context menu for trigger name in event details page
ZBXNEXT-50374.0.6PSadded "skip" parameter for vmware.eventlog key
ZBXNEXT-48984.0.6Gadded support IPv6 for "net.dns" and "net.dns.record"
ZBXNEXT-48194.0.6Fimplemented date and time showing in SVG graph widget
ZBX-80914.0.6Gadded alphabetic ordering of net.dns.record respond
ZBX-158674.0.6Sfixed invalid DNS being accepted when receiving discovery contents from Zabbix proxy
ZBX-158394.0.6Ffixed broken layout of the breadcrumbs in Safari browser
ZBX-158214.0.6Afixed SQL statement performance used in template.unlink() method
ZBX-157984.0.6PSfixed proxy configuration update failure on Oracle; fixed failure on empty SQL buffer on Oracle
ZBX-157884.0.6Sfixed crash when substituting LLD macros in calculated item formula expression
ZBX-157744.0.6Sfixed memory leak in housekeeper when elasticsearch is used
ZBX-157284.0.6Gfixed agent startup problem in Win 2008 R2 w/o SP1, removed dependency on version helper API
ZBX-157194.0.6Ffixed undefined index in trigger expression popup
ZBX-157164.0.6Sfixed escalation cancel message is called if escalation interrupts with unfinished step or recovery
ZBX-157074.0.6Ffixed check box design when drag and drop an interface into SNMP
ZBX-157034.0.6PSfixed use of uninitialized variable when receiving 0 bytes on listening socket
ZBX-156944.0.6Ffixed trimming of empty spaces for custom multiplier in item and item prototype preprocessing forms
ZBX-156704.0.6PSfixed inefficient vmware eventlog downloading
ZBX-156694.0.6Ffixed page scroll after widget being added to dashboard
ZBX-156464.0.6Ffixed web-server 'Request-URI Too Long' error in trigger description dialog
ZBX-156254.0.6Fremoved links leading to media type edit form for non-superadmins in Reports->Notifications page
ZBX-156224.0.6Ffixed trigger expression test dialog not being usable with long trigger expressions
ZBX-156144.0.6AFfixed validation of y axis item on classic graph create and update
ZBX-156084.0.6Ffixed when Widget Graph show disabled trigger/problem
ZBX-156074.0.6Gfixed possibility of zombie processes occurring when signaling agent during metric execution
ZBX-155964.0.6AFfixed when widget in frontend can be created larger than API validation supports
ZBX-155784.0.6PSfixed IPMI errors in case of infrequent reading of values
ZBX-155604.0.6Ffixed incorrect URL argument formatting when parameters are non-indexed arrays
ZBX-155524.0.6GPSfixed compilation with LibreSSL as OpenSSL replacement and OpenSSL without PSK support
ZBX-155484.0.6Ffixed resolving of {ITEM.VALUE} macro in the trigger description
ZBX-155394.0.6Ffixed validation of master item in item update form
ZBX-155374.0.6Ffixed visual bug when filter tab was overlapped by sub navigation
ZBX-155354.0.6Ffixed validation of min/max value range in graph widget; fixed translation string in graph widget
ZBX-155324.0.6Ffixed undefined index error on problems page when trigger expression contains web items
ZBX-154884.0.6Afixed permission check for inherited triggers
ZBX-154834.0.6Ffixed undefined index in Item Prototype update
ZBX-154684.0.6Ffixed LDAP configuration form not being able to save changes when user password field is empty string
ZBX-153864.0.6AFfixed Trigger overview not showing OK triggers
ZBX-153514.0.6Ffixed PHP error in "Problems by severity" if no problems
ZBX-153324.0.6Ffixed dashboard svg graph update on timeselector interval change
ZBX-153224.0.6Ffixed graph area near grid line with 0 value
ZBX-153084.0.6Ffixed timeselector in screens when page is opened with link containing sid argument
ZBX-153004.0.6Ffixed widgets extra space at the bottom
ZBX-152864.0.6AFdropped support use of discovered items as master
ZBX-152704.0.6Ffixed graph widget configuration form cross browser issues
ZBX-152264.0.6Ffixed missing visual gap under page title
ZBX-152194.0.6AFfixed unwanted removing scenario post fields on scenario update
ZBX-151964.0.6Ffixed "Follow redirects" checkbox not being enabled by default for HTTP agent in item, item prototype and LLD rule create forms
ZBX-150984.0.6Ffixed undefined index in application selection popup window
ZBX-145384.0.6AFfixed error message when value of lifetime or history/trends storage period is out of range
ZBX-133324.0.6Ffixed Request-URI Too Long errors in PopUps; fixed lost focus, when closing error popup
ZBX-112784.0.6Freworked property state indicator in mass update screens
ZBX-104964.0.6fixed links to installation instructions in README file
ZBX-103974.0.6Ffixed when global messaging severities unchecked if profile saved earlier
ZBX-103174.0.6Fmade info column on item list page always visible