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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBX-90172.2.8Afixed hostgroup.create and hostgroup.update API calls allowing setting readonly "internal" param
ZBX-90162.2.8PSfixed items not being processed again in case these items or their hosts are disabled and then reenabled
ZBX-90042.2.8Ffixed visible corners in table cells in eventlog history
ZBX-89922.2.8PSmade Zabbix prefer the threshold sensor over a discrete sensor, in case both are available under the same name
ZBX-89822.2.8PSturned strict OID validation off for single-variable SNMP requests
ZBX-89782.2.8Sfixed propagation of the interfaces into discovered hosts in same order as in the parent host
ZBX-89522.2.8Sfixed bug where an action condition of matching parent templates of a trigger worked with only the first template
ZBX-89482.2.8Sfixed memory leak when checking Template condition during action processing
ZBX-89282.2.8Ffixed history-related macros to obey the ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD
ZBX-89192.2.8Ffixed range selection in graphs in IE10 and IE11
ZBX-89132.2.8GPSfixed JSON validation sometimes failing to process utf-8 sequences
ZBX-89042.2.8AFfixed item.get API to not read all host interfaces when option "selectInterfaces" is used
ZBX-88822.2.8PSfixed message logging on DB2 errors
ZBX-88732.2.8Sfixed incorrect event being generated after maintenance in case there are out of order events due to proxy
ZBX-88502.2.8Ffixed fatal error in graph generation when there is no data and ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_LOWER_LIMIT is set to "2"
ZBX-88492.2.8PSfixed redundant linking with -lcrypto when linking with Net-SNMP
ZBX-88332.2.8PSfixed dynamic SNMP item cache working incorrectly for hosts with multiple SNMP interfaces, optimized cache performance
ZBX-88322.2.8Afixed template application inheritance when linking template other templates
ZBX-85822.2.8Ffixed SQL injection vulnerability in bar graphs
ZBX-85382.2.8PSadded Net-SNMP retry of 1 for cases where Zabbix will not be retrying itself
ZBX-85382.2.8PSchanged the strategy to decrease the optimal number of variables two times only
ZBX-85062.2.8Gfixed memory leak in wmi.get[]; thanks to Pedro Nunes for patch
ZBX-84862.2.8Afixed re-linking templates with web scenarios
ZBX-84762.2.8PSfixed queue being calculated incorrectly when there is even a slight time difference between server and proxy
ZBX-83282.2.8PSfixed UTF-8 string truncation for IBM DB2 databases to fit the column width
ZBX-82322.2.8Ffixed performance issues in maps
ZBX-65422.2.8updated description of HousekeepingFrequency parameter in the default server and proxy configuration files
ZBX-63532.2.8Simproved history cache performance when it's flooded with data from less than 1000 items
ZBX-50772.2.8Ffixed percentile calculation formula and corrected accessed index, by which value is selected
ZBX-40542.2.8PSadded support for SNMP values of type OID
ZBX-13572.2.8AFupdated Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Polish and Russian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators