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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBX-95673.0.14Sadded missing fields to webscenario data handling
ZBX-80543.0.14Grelieved windows agent of dependency on MFC
ZBX-80493.0.14Sfixed zabbix[java,,ping] to stay supported when java gateway is down
ZBX-132623.0.14Ffixed cookie http-only attribute to prevent XSS attacks
ZBX-132613.0.14Ffixed reflected XSS vulnerability in popup forms
ZBX-132603.0.14Ffixed permissions check in script execution form
ZBX-131903.0.14Ffixed check for permissions to enable/disable actions
ZBX-131813.0.14Ffixed database configuration error reporting and message filtering when messages are received from clear_messages function
ZBX-130883.0.14Ffixed incomplete data in notification reports for yearly report types
ZBX-130443.0.14Ffixed undefined index when setting strict-transport-security http header
ZBX-130423.0.14Ffixed unclickable template link on host items list page
ZBX-130243.0.14Ffixed missed url search part in request login parameter
ZBX-130243.0.14Ffixed parsing "request" parameter for URLs without input parameters
ZBX-130163.0.14Ffixed warning message shown by deprecated PHP 7.2 function create_function()
ZBX-129713.0.14Sfixed possibility of host availability being stuck in unknown state when monitoring though proxy
ZBX-129253.0.14PSfixed logic of commit/rollback operations
ZBX-128973.0.14Ffixed error causing empty list in popup window when opened from page having host group filter
ZBX-128873.0.14Sfixed alert error message visibility to unrelated users
ZBX-128843.0.14Ffixed misleading permissions visualization in user form for host groups and hosts lists
ZBX-128563.0.14Ffixed empty host filter when adding dependent trigger in trigger edit form
ZBX-128563.0.14Ffixed wrong default value for host filter when adding dependent trigger in trigger edit form
ZBX-128253.0.14AFimplemented delayed URL validation; enabled user macros containing URLs as valid; made URL validation as optional; improved URL validation
ZBX-126553.0.14AFadded filter on event details page to show messages sent to users only from same groups
ZBX-124973.0.14PSimproved VMware event log data collection and processing
ZBX-122473.0.14Ffixed multiselect not showing results for read-only objects in screen configuration
ZBX-122323.0.14fixed mysql m4 configuration script for mariadb C connector
ZBX-121303.0.14Ffixed max length validation in textarea fields
ZBX-110513.0.14Ffixed displaying highest severity when dashboard filter options contain unacknowledged only
ZBX-107103.0.14Gfixed CPU guest time utilization accounting in Linux