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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBX-83833.0.25Tupdated Tomcat template for compatibility with recent Tomcat versions, fixed constraint error when importing new data.tmpl
ZBX-154603.0.25Sreset agent availability when host status changes, e.g., when host gets disabled
ZBX-153553.0.25Afixed undefined index in configuration.import API call
ZBX-153543.0.25Afixed undefined index in API calls without "auth" parameter
ZBX-153133.0.25Sfixed unit suffix support in calculated item expressions
ZBX-152603.0.25Gimproved misleading warning message when agent fails to find log file during processing logrt[] item
ZBX-152383.0.25PSfixed updating nextcheck time in discovery rules to avoid overlaps between discovery executions
ZBX-152333.0.25Frenamed fuzzytime() function description in dropdown list
ZBX-152203.0.25Afixed displaying of last value for values received in the same second
ZBX-152063.0.25PSfixed deprecated net-snmp attribute
ZBX-151563.0.25Afixed undefined offset error in host screen with web item
ZBX-151463.0.25Afixed SQL error occurred when too long IP address is attempted to be written in database
ZBX-149773.0.25Afixed creation of unneeded database record if host prototype inventory mode is disabled; fixed validation for host and host prototype inventory mode
ZBX-146243.0.25Gfixed agent collector not releasing connection to missing/removed disk devices
ZBX-146063.0.25Fremoved strict-transport-security header from frontend
ZBX-146043.0.25Ffixed displaying of the graph name on screens
ZBX-145923.0.25AFfixed calculation of SLA and availability report when problem has negative duration
ZBX-143313.0.25Afixed error allowing users to change type of a host interface that already has items attached
ZBX-128013.0.25Gexcluded zabbix_sender.dll from MS Windows builds with TLS
ZBX-117613.0.25GPSadded warnings in case of TLS identity mismatch