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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-34873.0.6FGTadded new key for virtual memory monitoring on Windows
ZBXNEXT-29693.0.6Sadded support for suffixed and negative trigger function parameters
ZBXNEXT-20103.0.6PSadded vmware.hv.datastore.size keys for VMware datastore capacity monitoring
ZBXNEXT-18593.0.6Simproved performance by not inserting events of auto registration if no such action was enabled, insert/update/select in a bulk on auto registration data from proxy
ZBX-99263.0.6AFfixed displaying of LLD graphs in host screens if user has no rights to Templates group
ZBX-97813.0.6Gchanged vfs.fs.size, vfs.fs.inode checks to be executed in separate process/thread to avoid lockup with stale NFS mounts
ZBX-96563.0.6Fprevented updating comments for discovered triggers
ZBX-84573.0.6Ffixed user macro resolving for templated host and templates
ZBX-46613.0.6PSfixed possible crash when Oracle database is not available
ZBX-13573.0.6AFupdated English (United States), Persian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBX-115213.0.6Ffixed JS error in media popup
ZBX-115093.0.6Sfixed command parameter to be quoted only if it contains special characters
ZBX-114833.0.6Aimproved API script.execute validation
ZBX-114753.0.6Ffixed copying sharing properties while cloning screen or network maps
ZBX-114453.0.6Ffixed update of item host interface from items massupdate form
ZBX-114113.0.6Sadded check for LLD macro values in calculated item formula to be numeric
ZBX-113973.0.6Gfixed system.hw.chassis key to read DMI tables through sysfs and fall back to /dev/mem only if sysfs is not available
ZBX-113903.0.6Ffixed error hint displaying
ZBX-113673.0.6Ffixed xml import when non-snmp interfaces have incorrect parameter "bulk"
ZBX-113493.0.6Sremoved possibility to create items, triggers and graphs with empty names after low level discovery macro substitution
ZBX-113473.0.6AFSfixed resolving of {HOST.IP}, {HOST.DNS} and {HOST.CONN} macros in item key parameters for items without interface
ZBX-113353.0.6added MariaDB database support when compiling with --with-mysql configuration option; thanks to Dmitry Smirnov for patch
ZBX-113313.0.6Ffixed JS error in Configuration->Discovery edit page
ZBX-113003.0.6Sfixed variable used in forecast function
ZBX-112923.0.6Gfixed getting network interface statistics on Oracle Solaris 10/11
ZBX-112913.0.6Afixed LLD rule not validating "lifetime" field
ZBX-112763.0.6Fremoved extra double quotes in host interface form
ZBX-112463.0.6Fadded disabled "delete" button for edit forms of templated item, item prototype, web scenario and discovery rule
ZBX-112443.0.6Afixed parsing of JSON text when PHP is compiled without JSON library
ZBX-112233.0.6Srewritten calculated item formula parsing, simple macro parsing and LLD macro parsing; fixed several problems with function parsing
ZBX-112213.0.6FPSfixed MySQL connection issue by overriding user defined auto commit setting
ZBX-112193.0.6Frenamed second argument for net.dns and net.dns.record items from "zone" to "name"
ZBX-112133.0.6PSfixed database monitoring keys
ZBX-112093.0.6Ffixed visual bugs in various browsers
ZBX-111953.0.6Ffixed icon mapping visual issues in edit form
ZBX-111913.0.6Aimproved web scenario step validation by adding required fields
ZBX-111913.0.6Afixed web scenarios not updating step items when giving only "applicationid" and steps with "httpstepid" properties
ZBX-111913.0.6Afixed updating templated web scenario steps by prohibiting to directly change the step name or giving different amount of steps than in template
ZBX-111493.0.6GPSadded support of OpenSSL 1.1.0
ZBX-111463.0.6AGfixed validation of item update interval 0
ZBX-111253.0.6Aprohibited zero in first parameter of nodata() trigger function
ZBX-111223.0.6GPSfixed comparisons between signed and unsigned integer expressions to eliminate build warnings
ZBX-111213.0.6Adisallowed leaving user without linked user groups with usergroup.update, usergroup.massupdate, usergroup.delete API methods
ZBX-110913.0.6Afixed parsing of XML file which contains tag with attributes but without child tags; it could cause significant memeory leak
ZBX-110383.0.6removed compression for the generated CSS files, added "sass" folder to the distribution archive
ZBX-110213.0.6PSfixed discoverer to log that it has started before SNMP library initialization
ZBX-109583.0.6Ffixed displaying of user name for inaccessible users; fixed warnings in PHPUnit test; fixed undefined offsets in screen "Action logs"
ZBX-109063.0.6Gfixed agent active checks being delayed if system time was pushed back
ZBX-108423.0.6Afixed sql error when updating httptest with applicationid and without httpstepid parameters
ZBX-108423.0.6Aprevented disappearing of step items when updating httptest without applicationid, httpstepid parameters
ZBX-108423.0.6Afixed connecting web scenario applicationid to created steps when updating with API httptest.update mehtod
ZBX-106943.0.6Sadded rollup health sensor item to vmware hypervisor template
ZBX-106943.0.6Sreverted hypervisor health status to HostSystem.overallStatus property
ZBX-105313.0.6Ffixed IE not displaying color picker
ZBX-103883.0.6Fremoved duplicated data and reduced traffic for hint popups