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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-36813.0.8PSimproved bulk inserts for Oracle database backend
ZBXNEXT-36693.0.8Soptimized trigger expression batch processing to avoid recalculation of identical functions
ZBXNEXT-35723.0.8FSadded option to control amount of queued items
ZBX-13573.0.8AFupdated Czech, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBX-117813.0.8Sfixed potential buffer overflow in the housekeeper process
ZBX-117033.0.8Sremoved possibility to execute commit without transaction in processing LLD rules
ZBX-116983.0.8AFfixed resolving of user macros with context wich are defined on host or template level
ZBX-116613.0.8Fprevented requesting all screens in slide show when slide show screens are deleted
ZBX-116553.0.8PSfixed Oracle and MySQL column limit calculation when using UTF-8
ZBX-116353.0.8Sfixed possible deadlocks when removing obsolete VMWare services
ZBX-116303.0.8PSadded escaping '"', ''', '&', '<' and '>' characters in SOAP XML for VMware requests
ZBX-116213.0.8Gfixed cause of error with EventID 5858 in Windows EventLog when using wmi.get key
ZBX-115873.0.8PSfixed handling database failure during transaction commit
ZBX-115843.0.8PSfixed selection of ntext data from Microsoft SQL Server using '' item key
ZBX-115683.0.8Gfixed wrong number round for cpu statistics
ZBX-115583.0.8Sfixed removing trigger dependencies for triggers that are created from LLD prototypes
ZBX-115273.0.8Ffixed displaying maintenance icon for trigger element in maps
ZBX-115253.0.8PSensured unique value timestamps (clock, ns) from active agents and senders
ZBX-114923.0.8Ffixed copying sharing properties while cloning slide shows
ZBX-114823.0.8AFimproved performance for getting last value of web items by limiting query results for values in last 24h; thanks to D.Spindel Ljungmark for patch
ZBX-114813.0.8PSfixed resolving macros for ip and dns fields in interfaces that are linked to main interface with {HOST.IP} and {HOST.DNS} macros
ZBX-114023.0.8Sfixed unnecessary notification sending from dependent triggers
ZBX-113853.0.8Ffixed interfaces displaying in host inventory page
ZBX-113653.0.8Ffixed button and multiselect positioning in action operations edit form
ZBX-111013.0.8GPSfixed compilation warnings regarding gnutls_transport_set_ptr() with GnuTLS
ZBX-111013.0.8GPSfixed potential crash in case of failure in zbx_tls_connect() with mbed TLS
ZBX-111013.0.8GPSfixed certificates with empty issuer and subject fields being rejected with OpenSSL
ZBX-111013.0.8GPSfixed daemon behavior being affected by logging level when processing TLS connections
ZBX-109023.0.8PSfixed wrong averages in web monitoring if a web server doesn't respond to a request