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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBX-150574.0.1PSfixed possible crash when syncing host groups
ZBX-149724.0.1PSfixed the case where data from non-monitored VMware services are not removed from vmware cache
ZBX-149714.0.1GPSadded note on runtime control with PID numbers larger than 65535 to server, proxy and agentd help messages and man pages
ZBX-149544.0.1Sfixed sql error in escalator when working with Oracle, PostgreSQL (less than v9.4) databases
ZBX-149254.0.1Fadded support of user language specific url link in support icon, supported languages: english as default, japanese, russian
ZBX-149154.0.1Ffixed 'follow redirects' checkbox in web scenario step's dialog
ZBX-149084.0.1Sfixed crash when processing internal trigger events and deleting triggers at the same time
ZBX-149044.0.1Ffixed possible PHP errors in "Problem hosts" widget
ZBX-148884.0.1Ffixed table markup on overview and system info pages
ZBX-148874.0.1Pfixed max count of records in the single json that proxy can send to the server
ZBX-148824.0.1PSfixed crash in vmware collector when receiving invalid xml
ZBX-148654.0.1Afixed "Field "parent_itemid" cannot be set to NULL" error message while importing multiple templates
ZBX-148614.0.1Ffixed trigger evaluation result not visible in test dialogue when expression is too long
ZBX-148564.0.1GPSadded support for OpenSSL 1.1.1
ZBX-148544.0.1Simproved preprocessor worker performance
ZBX-148514.0.1Sfixed the host visible name in the event details/messages from server when using long utf8 text
ZBX-148344.0.1Ffixed icon misplacement in problem view
ZBX-148114.0.1Ffixed color of the host name in the title of the Screens
ZBX-148074.0.1Ffixed selection box for graphs on monitoring screens
ZBX-148034.0.1Ffixed incorrect profile update causing page filter to sometimes show duplicate values
ZBX-147984.0.1Ffixed incorrect zero rounding in date and time fields
ZBX-147794.0.1Gextended support of system.stat[ent], system.stat[cpu,pc], system.stat[cpu,ec] on IBM AIX to LPAR type 'dedicated'
ZBX-147764.0.1Ffixed sorting when changing status of media type
ZBX-147644.0.1PSfixed crash that could occur when OpenIPMI pollers are configured
ZBX-147574.0.1Ffixed incorrect translation string in en_US locale
ZBX-147574.0.1Ffixed fields becoming writable upon form refresh in host prototype form
ZBX-147494.0.1Ffixed cloning inherited host prototype on host
ZBX-147344.0.1Afixed the verification of the assignment of two web checks with the same name from different templates to one host
ZBX-147274.0.1Ffixed selection of data for trigger overview and graphs if first drop down entry is "none"
ZBX-147234.0.1Ffixed zoom button for time selector in IE browser
ZBX-147114.0.1Ffixed triggers in trigger overview being filtered by trigger severity and trigger status change time instead of problem severity and problem creation time
ZBX-146894.0.1Ffixed updating of the Graph list of host when selecting a group of hosts
ZBX-146634.0.1Ffixed calculation of Y zero position in graph
ZBX-146524.0.1Ffixed plain text Latest data when selecting more than 1 item
ZBX-146324.0.1Ffixed minor typos in comments and tests
ZBX-146184.0.1Ffixed host prototype status checkbox resets after adding template
ZBX-146154.0.1Jfixed Java gateway not to mark host unreachable in case of invalid username and password
ZBX-145854.0.1Jfixed JMX endpoint not being included in error message in case of connection errors (vso)..F....... [ZBX-14650] fixed item parameters description
ZBX-122174.0.1Fremoved links to templates with no permissions for templated triggers, trigger prototypes, graphs, graph prototypes, host prototypes and web scenarios
ZBX-107844.0.1Sfixed validation of double/Numeric(float) values