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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-45024.0.11PSadded support of full JsonPath functionality
ZBX-98674.0.11GPSimproved Zabbix daemon termination by not using signal unsafe functions in signal handler; improved Zabbix server and Zabbix proxy process termination by stopping data collection and waiting for history syncers to finish
ZBX-163884.0.11Sfixed LLD to update preprocessing step number in case it is incorrectly generated
ZBX-163764.0.11Afixed preprocessing steps having incorrect order and duplicate step numbers
ZBX-163444.0.11Ffixed possibility to add graph widget overrides
ZBX-163374.0.11Sfixed debug log message for suppressed escalations; thanks to Kotaro Miyashita for the patch
ZBX-163294.0.11Ffixed duplicate value checking in trigger action conditions
ZBX-163154.0.11Sfixed Zabbix server not to cause foreign key constraint failure on Zabbix proxy when changing and sending configuration at the same time
ZBX-162894.0.11Ffixed async dashboard widget update
ZBX-162884.0.11Ffixed when unknown resource logged in audit log when working with dashboards
ZBX-162874.0.11PSfixed compiler warnings in host.c; thanks to Glebs Ivanovskis for the patch
ZBX-162804.0.11Ffixed when Plain Text Widgets do not display as HTML when option is selected
ZBX-162774.0.11fixed compilation Zabbix agent for Windows with options available for Windows Vista and newer
ZBX-162704.0.11PSfixed memory leak in IPC service when queueing multiple messages to client
ZBX-162564.0.11PSeliminated possible infinite fetch loop with OracleDB
ZBX-162394.0.11GPSfixed compilation warining related to prototypes of module API functions
ZBX-162134.0.11Afixed PostgreSQL bad performance on history tables
ZBX-162044.0.11Ffixed undefined offset in CControllerWidgetProblemHostsView
ZBX-161764.0.11Fpreserve trailing spaces in history values
ZBX-161694.0.11Fimproved performance of map navigation tree widget
ZBX-161534.0.11Ffixed 500 Internal Server Error when trying to preview pie/exploded graph without items
ZBX-161354.0.11Ffixed error messages in XML export files
ZBX-161344.0.11Afixed duplicate triggers can be created using API and XML import
ZBX-161034.0.11GPSreduced PCRE recursion limit
ZBX-160124.0.11AFfixed confusing error message "Cannot read JSON." in HTTP agent item
ZBX-159694.0.11Ffixed displaying of very small values that are more than 2 decimal points in latest data
ZBX-159624.0.11Gadded mounted filesystems to vfs.fs.discovery of windows agent
ZBX-155624.0.11Areworked history.get API method; fixed output as well as other known issues in history API
ZBX-153434.0.11Ffixed JS memory leak in hintboxes in graph widget
ZBX-132664.0.11Aimproved performance of the SQL queries with lot of IDs in the condition