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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-49204.0.13PSincreased received packet size to 1GB
ZBXNEXT-12874.0.13Gadded support for English performance counters on Windows
ZBX-77984.0.13Simproved performance of icmpping* for fping v4.0 and more
ZBX-37834.0.13Aadded strict validation of input parameters in valuemap.get() method
ZBX-165654.0.13Ffixed incorrect sorting of triggers in "Trigger overview" widget
ZBX-165454.0.13GPSfixed shell script execution timeout log message
ZBX-165394.0.13Tfixed "Template Net Juniper SNMPv2"
ZBX-165384.0.13Ffixed color for the multiselect selected items
ZBX-165224.0.13Afixed undefined index "type" in pie and exploded graph creation
ZBX-164804.0.13Ffixed error in graphs after page refresh if period was set to future
ZBX-164674.0.13PSremoved tables without auto-increment from DBget_maxid_num function
ZBX-164604.0.13GPSfixed Zabbix daemon termination on FreeBSD
ZBX-164524.0.13Ffixed inconsistency in show legend, working time and triggers for graphs in screens and dashboard
ZBX-164494.0.13Ffixed wrong order of the displayed latest values in problems
ZBX-164454.0.13Sfixed possible duplicate key insertion during LLD
ZBX-164354.0.13Ffixed Zabbix graph spinning in preview tab in IE11
ZBX-163984.0.13Afixed selection of discovered services by dservice.get "dcheckids" property
ZBX-163704.0.13Ffixed link indicator coloring in network maps
ZBX-163494.0.13Afixed "Delete missing" checkbox does not work when importing template without checking "Update existing"
ZBX-162794.0.13Sfixed trailing spaces handling in value mapping when using MySQL
ZBX-162304.0.13PSfixed unreachable host next check calculation uses both unreachable settings and flexible item interval
ZBX-162284.0.13Fincreased max length to 2000 characters for values of the headers of the http agents
ZBX-160894.0.13fixed Windows socket initialization in Windows sender sample application
ZBX-157664.0.13Ffixed the ability to add an unlimited number of widgets in the Dashboard
ZBX-132664.0.13PSfixed performance of sql query with lots of items