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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-54814.0.14Sadded support of {TRIGGER.ID} macro in trigger tags
ZBXNEXT-54224.0.14PSquoted numbers are now accepted by JSONPath aggregate functions
ZBXNEXT-47464.0.14Tadded "Template Server Cisco UCS SNMPv2" template
ZBX-167704.0.14Tfixed value mapping in Template Net HP Comware HH3C SNMP
ZBX-167544.0.14Sfixed trigger not firing for first collected value if it's timestamp is in future
ZBX-167504.0.14GPSfixed broken validation of peer certificate issuer and subject strings in TLS connect, fixed logging
ZBX-167494.0.14Aimproved performance and memory consumption of script.getscriptsbyhosts() method
ZBX-167254.0.14Sfixed detection of fping minimal interval
ZBX-167114.0.14Sensuring errbuf is emptied before every curl_easy_perform request
ZBX-167024.0.14Afixed error in the elastic search clearing history
ZBX-166834.0.14Sfixed race condition between history syncer and escalator that caused recovery operations being delayed by step duration
ZBX-166814.0.14Ffixed displaying of "Acknowledge" menu option for "Not classified" problems in the Trigger overview page
ZBX-166804.0.14Gfixed freeing locked resources when Zabbix agent cannot be started and has to exit with failure
ZBX-166774.0.14Sfixed empty sql query DBexecute_overflowed_sql call during host availability update
ZBX-166714.0.14Sfixed server crashing when linking web scenario template
ZBX-166664.0.14Ffixed trailing slash being set in cookie path
ZBX-166644.0.14PSfixed IPMI poller skips processing if one of the elements is missing information
ZBX-166124.0.14Gfixed possibility of high CPU usage on Windows
ZBX-166114.0.14Ffixed memory and performance leaks in gtlc.js library
ZBX-166054.0.14Ffixed accessibility of localstorage identifier if cookies are made unaccessible for client side scripts
ZBX-166044.0.14Afixed occurrence of an undefined index in discovered graph configuration
ZBX-165754.0.14PSgetting disk controller type from linked controller label value
ZBX-165624.0.14Afixed configuration.export method in API improperly formatting "application" property within "httptests" when exporting in JSON format
ZBX-165614.0.14PSfixed JsonPath parsing for comma characters inside quoted string
ZBX-165424.0.14Ffixed incorrect displaying of unacknowledged and resolved recent problematic triggers in trigger overview and dashboard widget
ZBX-165344.0.14GPSfixed stdout and stderr redirection after external log rotation
ZBX-165124.0.14GPfixed false item insertion into the queue after maintenance
ZBX-164814.0.14fixed spelling issues in the code
ZBX-164284.0.14Gfixed SIGBUS crash when mmap memory is not accessible
ZBX-163834.0.14Sadjusted timer sleeping period to process maintenances each minute at 00 seconds
ZBX-163684.0.14PSfixed fping double call
ZBX-163174.0.14GPSfixed log.h is not self-sufficient
ZBX-162204.0.14Gfixed missing warning logs for failed active checks sending to the server
ZBX-160024.0.14Sadded new macro EVENT.RECOVERY.NAME to display recovery event name in recovery alerts
ZBX-158974.0.14Tfixed overall health check in Template HP iLO SNMPv2
ZBX-156854.0.14Gfixed zabbix_sender failing to report the error due to closed connection
ZBX-156754.0.14Gadded support for more than 64 CPUs in Windows agent
ZBX-152224.0.14Sfixed housekeeper to cleanup history not only for current item type of information but also for other previously selected types
ZBX-152114.0.14added key 'tests' for when working with cmocka tests
ZBX-151354.0.14Ffixed incorrect triggers being displayed in Availability report when filtering by template
ZBX-108054.0.14Ffixed log items graphs drawing with numeric values like trapper items