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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-52714.0.16AFimplemented 'delete missing' option for imported template linkages
ZBX-90844.0.16PSfixed high memory usage during startup
ZBX-19774.0.16Ffixed axis labels calculation
ZBX-171014.0.16Ffixed url validation before output
ZBX-170344.0.16Fupdated Zabbix website links
ZBX-170084.0.16Simproved Zabbix server performance when using maintenance
ZBX-169444.0.16Ffixed "Type of information" field in item form being marked as required when it is read-only
ZBX-169324.0.16Gfixed build fail on netBSD
ZBX-169294.0.16PSfixed detection of invalid sender data request
ZBX-169194.0.16Ffixed server check warning width in chrome
ZBX-169154.0.16PSfixed memory leak
ZBX-169124.0.16Ffixed image map elements having a hand cursor when there is no context menu available
ZBX-169034.0.16Afixed validation of "interfaceid" field for HTTP agent items with large IDs
ZBX-168794.0.16Fchanged condition description message for tag value in actions and event correlations
ZBX-168744.0.16Ffixed map-type widget clipping in Internet Explorer
ZBX-168484.0.16Ffixed fatal error occurring in user profile and user edit forms when PHP FileInfo extension does not exist
ZBX-168044.0.16Fadded missing get parameters in availability report
ZBX-167794.0.16Sfixed infinite loop when writing export to file fails
ZBX-167514.0.16Ffixed support for php 7.4
ZBX-166844.0.16Ffixed incorrect double quotes in history plain text view
ZBX-165404.0.16Tsplitted host_resources templates into 3 subtemplates: for CPU, memory and storage
ZBX-162864.0.16Ffixed graph widget dimensions errors on high DPI screens
ZBX-161114.0.16AFremoved templateid from screen API output
ZBX-150414.0.16Ffixed request not being cancelled along with popup window in widgets