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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-54904.0.17Gadded new key vfs.fs.get to collect mounted filesystems information and relevant metrics into json
ZBXNEXT-52394.0.17Sadded housekeeping of unused/deleted items values in value cache
ZBX-37834.0.17Aadded strict validation of input parameters in script.get() method
ZBX-19774.0.17reverted fix for axis labels calculation
ZBX-171644.0.17Gfixed file change time in vfs.file.time on Windows
ZBX-171274.0.17Sfixed crash on jsonpath function processing
ZBX-171024.0.17Ffixed scroll bar visibility in svg graph widget configuration form
ZBX-170804.0.17Sfixed deadlock on maintenance table when using Oracle database
ZBX-170784.0.17AFfixed web scenario step allowing to use 0 timeout
ZBX-170494.0.17Afixed non well formed numeric value encountered in maintenance
ZBX-170364.0.17Gfixed memory leak and wrong type cast; thanks to Yudai Hashimoto for the patch
ZBX-170024.0.17Jadded bulk gathering of attributes for Zabbix Java gateway when using attribute discovery
ZBX-169974.0.17Sfixed duplicate entry errors on 32-bit architecture during item application discovery
ZBX-169664.0.17Sfixed not operator in correlation function expression
ZBX-169074.0.17PSfixed icmppingloss counting all after first 400 ping responses as lost
ZBX-169024.0.17Ffixed providing notifications for devices without audio support
ZBX-168944.0.17Ffixed dynamic rows losing old input at form error
ZBX-168114.0.17ASfixed SQL error during prototype removal by adding select for update locks
ZBX-164814.0.17Ffixed spelling issues in the code
ZBX-163254.0.17Ffixed httpstepid validation when its value exceeds int32
ZBX-102404.0.17ASfixed maintenance time period update every field validation