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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-57064.0.18replaced xml2-config to pkg-config when building with libxml2
ZBXNEXT-56904.0.18PSadded support for libssh
ZBX-172204.0.18AFfixed several PHP 7.4 compatibility issues
ZBX-172134.0.18Pfixed Zabbix proxy not to execute remote commands on Zabbix agent with timeout and not to wait for execution result
ZBX-172014.0.18Sfixed snmp trapper processes exceeding 1000%
ZBX-170354.0.18Sinternal events are not created if there is no enabled internal actions
ZBX-169654.0.18Sfixed link/unlink template operation execution order
ZBX-168274.0.18Sfixed applications being unlinked from items when both items and applications are not discovered anymore