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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-50464.0.5Fadded non-destructive resizing and reordering of dashboard widgets
ZBXNEXT-49414.0.5PSchanged overflow statements to execute one by one for Oracle for better performance
ZBX-156674.0.5fixed wrong default Zabbix server status for new installation
ZBX-156644.0.5Ffixed "Undefined index" errors on maps with enabled automatic icon mapping
ZBX-156114.0.5Sfixed crash in configuration syncer when there are groups with same name and when removing preprocessing steps from item
ZBX-155934.0.5PSfixed database upgrade patch to stop upgrade on commit failure
ZBX-155334.0.5Sfixed cutting and trimming event tags and values
ZBX-155124.0.5Ffixed performance issues in "Problems by severity" widget
ZBX-155124.0.5Ffixed performance issues and significant memory consumption on several pages which contains host popup menus
ZBX-154944.0.5GSfixed handling numbers that written in scientific notation
ZBX-154564.0.5Ffixed incorrect style property in Monitoring->Problems; removed unused id from filter form
ZBX-154424.0.5Pfixed reporting idle time in datasender's process state information
ZBX-154244.0.5Ffixed when multiselect doesn't trim values and recognizes untrimmed values as new ones
ZBX-154224.0.5Afixed SQL errors when linked template have item prototype with equal key as host item
ZBX-153794.0.5GPSfixed -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings when compiling with GCC 7 and -Wextra
ZBX-153164.0.5Gfixed problem with socket inheritance preventing Windows agent from restarting under certain circumstances
ZBX-152714.0.5added link to documentation in all man pages
ZBX-152504.0.5Ffixed selection box height calculation in classic graph
ZBX-152424.0.5Ffixed value trimming and duplicate catching in SVG graph pattern fields
ZBX-151794.0.5AFfixed when message about blocking user login is displayed only on next login attempt
ZBX-146444.0.5Ffixed maintenance time periods "start_date" field being reset to "1920" instead of DB default value when updating via edit form