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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-7025.0.0AFSImplemented ability to compare string values in triggers
ZBXNEXT-6175.0.0Fadded mass update of macros on host / template
ZBXNEXT-59075.0.0TAdded Jira ServiceDesk mediatype
ZBXNEXT-58795.0.0AFadded filter to Configuration->Templates/Hosts->Discovery rules
ZBXNEXT-58645.0.0Tadded {EVENT.DURATION} in recovery message of webhooks
ZBXNEXT-58615.0.0Fadded {EVENT.DURATION} macro to subject of message templates
ZBXNEXT-58515.0.0FPSadded ability to monitor versions of all other Zabbix servers and proxies with zabbix.stats and zabbix[version] internal items
ZBXNEXT-58495.0.0Aadded support of search and filter by macro value
ZBXNEXT-58485.0.0FSExpand acknowledge message maximum size to more than 256 characters
ZBXNEXT-58335.0.0Tadded "Template DB ClickHouse by HTTP"
ZBXNEXT-58325.0.0TAdded ServiceNow mediatype
ZBXNEXT-58295.0.0PSreplaced uint64 hash function with faster one
ZBXNEXT-58245.0.0Tadded media "Redmine"
ZBXNEXT-58215.0.0Tadded "Template App Memcached"
ZBXNEXT-57865.0.0Fupdated the list of user agents
ZBXNEXT-57815.0.0Gimproved agent2 metric testing (-t) and printing (-p) by adding full plugin interface support and verbose testing option
ZBXNEXT-57675.0.0Gadded Memcached plugin
ZBXNEXT-57345.0.0PSadded base64 encode, decode functions to webhook
ZBXNEXT-57255.0.0Fadded ability to select specific severities in Monitoring->Problems
ZBXNEXT-57205.0.0Fimplemented displaying latest data if filter is empty
ZBXNEXT-57165.0.0GPSremoved mbedTLS support
ZBXNEXT-57155.0.0TAdded Jira media type
ZBXNEXT-57115.0.0FPSadded ability to view logs in frontend when testing web hook media type
ZBXNEXT-57065.0.0replaced xml2-config to pkg-config when building with libxml2
ZBXNEXT-57025.0.0Fimproved UI performance for large installations
ZBXNEXT-56985.0.0Fadded filter by tags for widget "Problems by severity" and "Problem hosts"
ZBXNEXT-56975.0.0Fremoved support for Internet Explorer
ZBXNEXT-56945.0.0AFimplemented new page Monitoring->Hosts and added "Configuration" to Host context menu
ZBXNEXT-56935.0.0Freset page number when applying new filter, changing sort order or re-opening the page
ZBXNEXT-56915.0.0AFimplemented IEEE754 compatible value range for Numeric (float) history data type
ZBXNEXT-56905.0.0PSadded support for libssh
ZBXNEXT-56855.0.0Gadded MySQL plugin for Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-56855.0.0Tadded "Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent 2"
ZBXNEXT-56785.0.0Tadded proxy support for all media
ZBXNEXT-56765.0.0AFSadded support for TimescaleDB compression
ZBXNEXT-56705.0.0Tadded "Template App Elasticsearch Cluster by HTTP"
ZBXNEXT-56605.0.0TAdded Discord media type
ZBXNEXT-56595.0.0Tadded "Template DB MySQL by ODBC"
ZBXNEXT-56585.0.0Tadded media "Zammad"
ZBXNEXT-56495.0.0PSadded name referencing support ('~' suffix) to jsonpath
ZBXNEXT-56465.0.0Gadded support of configuration parameters HostInterface and HostInterfaceItem
ZBXNEXT-56395.0.0Gadded available agent 2 check restriction parameters
ZBXNEXT-56225.0.0Tadded Zendesk media
ZBXNEXT-56045.0.0Gadded option to suppress logging of[] if embedded in agent configuration file
ZBXNEXT-55995.0.0TAdded MS Teams media type
ZBXNEXT-55925.0.0AFPSdropped IBM DB2 database support for Zabbix server
ZBXNEXT-55695.0.0Fupdated main menu to vertical style for the saving space
ZBXNEXT-55545.0.0FPSadded webhook through proxy
ZBXNEXT-55385.0.0AFmoved Administration->User groups pages to MVC framework
ZBXNEXT-55275.0.0Tadded "Template Server Chassis by IPMI"
ZBXNEXT-55145.0.0AFadded functionality for Zabbix frontend customization
ZBXNEXT-54495.0.0Fadded support of svg graph as image download
ZBXNEXT-54145.0.0Fmoved maintenance period configuration settings to modal window to decrease page refresh count
ZBXNEXT-54135.0.0Freworked discovery checks form as popup
ZBXNEXT-54125.0.0AFreworked new condition forms as popup
ZBXNEXT-53695.0.0Sadded EVENT.TAGSJSON macro
ZBXNEXT-53255.0.0Gadded Docker plugin
ZBXNEXT-53255.0.0Tadded "Template App Docker" template
ZBXNEXT-53005.0.0Fimplemented widget copy/paste possibility in dashboard
ZBXNEXT-48295.0.0Fchanged web setup wizard to not create and drop tables for DB connectivity test purposes
ZBXNEXT-47125.0.0AFPSadded new preprocessing type "Replace" for items, item prototypes and LLD rules
ZBXNEXT-47005.0.0Freworked new action operation form as popup
ZBXNEXT-45845.0.0AFimplemented auditlog API
ZBXNEXT-39405.0.0PSadded functionality to flush SNMP connections cache
ZBXNEXT-36045.0.0GPSadded support of user configurable ciphers for communication between Zabbix components
ZBXNEXT-33225.0.0Fimplemented popup submenus on page headings instead of select controls
ZBXNEXT-30355.0.0AFSadded ability of filtering out items, triggers, hosts and graphs or overriding their attributes during Low-level discovery based on LLD object and prototype name
ZBXNEXT-29575.0.0AFSadded ability to mask macros
ZBXNEXT-27275.0.0Jadded support of JMX TabularData
ZBXNEXT-26635.0.0FSSupport SAML authentication in zabbix frontend
ZBXNEXT-26135.0.0AFPSmoved SNMP connection-related attributes to host interface level
ZBXNEXT-2525.0.0Sadded EVENT.DURATION macro
ZBXNEXT-22975.0.0AFPSadded user defined macros creation/edition for host prototypes
ZBXNEXT-19895.0.0AFGPSincreased maximum item key length to 2048 chars
ZBXNEXT-19615.0.0Sadded support for connection string to db.odbc.* items
ZBXNEXT-18995.0.0Sadded support of threaded email notifications
ZBXNEXT-18985.0.0Aimplemented strong cryptography for encoding frontend passwords
ZBXNEXT-18915.0.0FPSadded option 'delay' for zabbix[proxy] internal check and calculate nodata() to respect proxy availability
ZBXNEXT-17975.0.0Sadded HOST.ID macro support to notifications
ZBXNEXT-17365.0.0PSincreased float precision
ZBXNEXT-1705.0.0Fimplemented possibility to "unlink" specific templates in hosts and templates massupdate
ZBXNEXT-16865.0.0Gadded persistent queue for active items in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-15785.0.0PSadded ability to use user macros for IPMI user and password
ZBXNEXT-15615.0.0Gadded nanoseconds option for zabbix_sender; thanks to Vladimir for the patch
ZBXNEXT-14235.0.0AFPSadded ipmi.get item for IPMI sensor LLD
ZBXNEXT-11695.0.0Freplaced problem acknowledge page with a modal popup window
ZBXNEXT-10855.0.0GPSadded available agent check restriction parameters
ZBXCTR-35.0.0Tadded SIGNL4 webhook integration
ZBXCTR-15.0.0Tadded Telegram media type
ZBX-93875.0.0Sfixed incorrect maintenance calculations when DST changed to summer time
ZBX-90575.0.0Ffixed duplicate entries being written into in profiles table
ZBX-4025.0.0Ffixed latest data reloading to updating asynchronously
ZBX-176765.0.0Supdated ZBX_MAX_FIELDS in dbschema.h to accomodate new SAML fields
ZBX-176675.0.0AFmoved "frontends/php" to "ui" directory
ZBX-176555.0.0Sfixed possible use of uninitialized variable
ZBX-176505.0.0Sfixed formula for zabbix[proxy,,delay] calculation
ZBX-176185.0.0Ffixed dynamic item switching for URL widget
ZBX-176175.0.0Ffixed broken markup in host selection on dashborad
ZBX-176145.0.0Sfixed oracle sql error while sending notifications
ZBX-176085.0.0Ffixed broken multiselect in "Discovery rule" field in monitoring discovery view
ZBX-175895.0.0Ffixed occasional blank pages when viewing host graphs as values
ZBX-175845.0.0Fimplemented dedicated page for "update problem" popup dialog
ZBX-175715.0.0Tchanged preprocessing for the haproxy.version, discovery rules divided into HTTP and TCP services
ZBX-175675.0.0PSfixed possible pooler crash if interface_snmp is missing in configuration cache
ZBX-175585.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent 2 compilation on MS Windows
ZBX-175515.0.0Gfixed duktape crash on ppc64le architecture
ZBX-175415.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent compilation on MS Windows
ZBX-175405.0.0Ffixed text overflow in table
ZBX-175325.0.0Fadded css files and sprites versioning by query strings
ZBX-175265.0.0Ffixed severity checkboxes in the firefox browser
ZBX-175245.0.0Ffixed time selector button state
ZBX-175215.0.0Ffixed closing multi-level pop-up menus when selected with a mouse click
ZBX-175205.0.0Ffixed opening Problems popup from SVG graph outside webview boundaries
ZBX-175185.0.0PSfixed empty parameter handling in GET method of CurlHttpRequest
ZBX-175145.0.0fixed db upgrade patch for Oracle
ZBX-175125.0.0AFfixed length restriction for media type script import into Oracle database
ZBX-175085.0.0Ffixed error in oracle database encoding check
ZBX-175075.0.0Ffixed oracle query interpreted as a multisatement
ZBX-175055.0.0Gfixed crash inside a fork when calling vfs.fs.inode
ZBX-175025.0.0Gfixed possible hang in agent2 when executing some metrics that forked another process
ZBX-175015.0.0Ffixed overlapping multiselect suggest with browser autocomplete
ZBX-175005.0.0fixed errors in zabbix_agent2 man-page
ZBX-174965.0.0Afixed UserMacro API validation
ZBX-174755.0.0PSfixed the interface_snmp amount that was used to proxy configuration
ZBX-174695.0.0Ffixed kiosk button margin in history/graph view of the latest data
ZBX-174615.0.0Gfixed length parameter for item key
ZBX-174575.0.0Tfixed description in Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent
ZBX-174455.0.0Sfixed misleading error shown when formula cannot be updated during LLD
ZBX-174425.0.0Gfixed to time out when there is no response
ZBX-174395.0.0Ffixed macros detection in item test dialog
ZBX-174295.0.0Ffixed trigger expression condition popup to display negative numbers upon opening existing expression
ZBX-174285.0.0Ffixed skipping null cells in CSV file
ZBX-174275.0.0Ffixed top busiest triggers filter
ZBX-174265.0.0Gfixed agen2 build with go 1.14
ZBX-174235.0.0Ffixed "reset" button in history page
ZBX-174125.0.0PSfixed updating metadata, ip, port for hosts with TLS certificate encryption monitored via proxy
ZBX-174095.0.0Tfixed item mysql.dbsize in Template DB MySQL
ZBX-174025.0.0Ffixed search field accidentally transform value to lowercase
ZBX-173985.0.0Sfixed server crash when escalating internal events with OPDATA macro
ZBX-173955.0.0Ffixed deletion of templated applications that were linked to items when importing templates
ZBX-173905.0.0Ffixed validation of the maximum selected period
ZBX-173775.0.0Gfixed HostInterfaceItem not being refreshed during active checks
ZBX-173685.0.0Gfixed HostMetadataItem and HostInterfaceItem handling in agent2
ZBX-173655.0.0Ffixed parameters order in Media types test form
ZBX-173595.0.0Afixed "sortorder": "DESC" option with multiple sortfields
ZBX-173505.0.0Ffixed displaying of multiple value types in Latest data->History page
ZBX-173475.0.0Ffixed order of setting the Severity in the columns in the filters to vertical
ZBX-173465.0.0Ffixed button label in item test dialog
ZBX-173445.0.0Ffixed PHP 7.4 errors in Latest data->History page for text and log items having an empty filter
ZBX-173425.0.0Sdump memory statistics and items with most values when value cache is fully used
ZBX-173365.0.0PSfixed wrong error message when fping fails
ZBX-173305.0.0PSfixed error reading vmware events with keys over 2^31
ZBX-173225.0.0Sfixed deadlock between server and frontend when updating multiple hosts
ZBX-173085.0.0Ffixed unreachable code notice in a generic popup
ZBX-172955.0.0PSfixed IPMI sensor LLD JSON output
ZBX-172885.0.0Ffixed undefined indexes in Administration->Regular expressions->Test tab
ZBX-172845.0.0Sfixed macro {EVENT.VALUE} is not substituted properly in webhooks
ZBX-172755.0.0Soptimized database requests in maintenance update
ZBX-172725.0.0AFchanged translation strings to yield order number in argument
ZBX-172695.0.0Ffixed undefined indexes in history page
ZBX-172225.0.0Ffixed unlimited data selection in Latest data view
ZBX-172205.0.0AFfixed several PHP 7.4 compatibility issues
ZBX-172135.0.0Pfixed Zabbix proxy not to execute remote commands on Zabbix agent with timeout and not to wait for execution result
ZBX-172055.0.0Ffixed inability to add more than one space in auto-expandable fields like macros and tags
ZBX-172015.0.0Sfixed snmp trapper processes exceeding 1000%
ZBX-171855.0.0Ffixed non-disappearing messages of failed login attempts
ZBX-171805.0.0Ffixed undefined index in maps for trigger elements with no permissions
ZBX-171775.0.0Aremoved "operationid" from lower level properties in Action API
ZBX-171745.0.0AFfixed sorting of Webhook parameters using natural sort order
ZBX-171735.0.0improved windows agent build scripts
ZBX-171715.0.0Ffixed padding of dashboard controls while in edit mode
ZBX-171705.0.0Ffixed saving of cloned actions when one of its operations was modified
ZBX-171655.0.0Afixed incorrect validation in XML conversion chain duo wrong XML type for tag tls_accept, added 5.0 XML schema
ZBX-171595.0.0Ffixed overlay dialogue instantiation
ZBX-171405.0.0Gfixed builtin counter index rewrite on localized Windows systems
ZBX-171215.0.0Simproved proxy configuration synchronization performance on server when using Oracle database
ZBX-171085.0.0PSimproved process utilization calculation
ZBX-170665.0.0Ffixed wrongly positioned context menu when launched by keyboard
ZBX-170545.0.0Ffixed undefined index in discovery checks
ZBX-170505.0.0Gfixed allowed hosts parsing by agent2
ZBX-170495.0.0AFfixed non well formed numeric value in maintenance.create and maintenance.update; fixed undefined index in maintenance create and update popup
ZBX-170355.0.0Sinternal events are not created if there is no enabled internal actions
ZBX-170275.0.0Ffixed broken layout in usergroup page
ZBX-170125.0.0AFfixed URL validator to also accept relative URLs
ZBX-169655.0.0Sfixed link/unlink template operation execution order
ZBX-169595.0.0Sfixed return code check of curl_easy_setopt
ZBX-169285.0.0PSupgraded Duktape version from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0
ZBX-169265.0.0PSfix INT_MAX error when compiling on SunOS/Joyent/Solaris
ZBX-168275.0.0Sfixed applications being unlinked from items when both items and applications are not discovered anymore
ZBX-168025.0.0FGadded mtime-reread/mtime-noreread options parameter to log* keys
ZBX-167725.0.0Genabled zabbix_agent2 to use OpenSSL 1.0.1, 1.0.2 on Unix platforms
ZBX-166975.0.0Fimplemented preloader in popups
ZBX-166955.0.0Tchanged default width of various screen elements in Zabbix templates from 500 to 750 pixels
ZBX-161625.0.0Ffixed graph line interruptions when discarding values with heartbeat
ZBX-161125.0.0Ffixed connection timeout issue with media type testing by increasing timeout to 65 seconds
ZBX-159145.0.0Ffixed map elements label inconsistency
ZBX-128995.0.0Ffixed check for circular dependencies of navigation tree items
ZBX-119915.0.0Freworked event correlation operations page
ZBX-117645.0.0fixed automake scripts; thanks to Tomasz Kłoczko for the patch