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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-59225.0.1PSincreased max configuration cache size limit to 64GB
ZBXNEXT-59025.0.1Tadded Spiceworks integration guide
ZBXNEXT-58805.0.1Tadded component version item to server and proxy remote monitoring templates
ZBXNEXT-58385.0.1Gadded win perf_instance.discovery and perf_instance_en.discovery to agent2
ZBXNEXT-56575.0.1Tadded media "OTRS"
ZBXNEXT-30355.0.1AFfixed lld override validation and visualization; fixed discover control in prototype edit forms
ZBXNEXT-18395.0.1Gadded LLD for perf_counter; thanks to Ryan Armstrong for the patch
ZBXCTR-65.0.1Tadded two way functionality for acknowledgement, close and annotation with SIGNL4
ZBXCTR-25.0.1Gadded agent2 PostgreSQL plugin and template
ZBX-177475.0.1PSfixed javascript preprocessing output variable initialization to not trigger false positive memory allocation warning
ZBX-177335.0.1fixed,, keys on Zabbix agent2 not to verify server's certificate chain and host name
ZBX-177285.0.1Sfix invalid memory size in evaluate_macro_function()
ZBX-177115.0.1added double.sql file to source distribution tarball
ZBX-176915.0.1Sfixed server crashes on regexp preprocessing
ZBX-176895.0.1Tfixed issue with trigger for service status
ZBX-176845.0.1Fimplemented host preselection in filter graph fields in Monitoring -> Hosts -> Graphs section
ZBX-176785.0.1GPSremoved unused code left from mbedTLS support
ZBX-176625.0.1Sfixed a failing query when updating existing host prototypes
ZBX-176435.0.1Ffixed acknowledge option in context menu on Problems page
ZBX-176295.0.1Ffixed markup in User Media popup
ZBX-176075.0.1PSfixed unreachable poller being too busy due to SNMP checks being attempted twice at a time
ZBX-175955.0.1Ffixed latest data all applications expansion with every refresh
ZBX-175555.0.1Ffixed error message box position
ZBX-175535.0.1Ffixed notification window location
ZBX-175505.0.1Gfixed log level check in case of DebugLevel=0
ZBX-174825.0.1Ffixed selected menu item appearance upon opening screens of any host
ZBX-174705.0.1Ffixed element of filters is not focused on several pages
ZBX-172805.0.1Ffixed runtime error in action operations
ZBX-172675.0.1Ffixed start time data loading in Maintenance edit form
ZBX-172275.0.1PSfixed 4-byte utf-8 sequence handling in embedded scripts
ZBX-171095.0.1Sfixed agent request parameter type parsing
ZBX-163475.0.1increased TimescaleDB chunk interval for trends and trends_uint to 1 month
ZBX-161625.0.1Freverted fix graph line interruptions when discarding values with heartbeat
ZBX-154845.0.1PSshadow global auto_increment variables for MySQL