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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-66715.0.13Tadded templates DELL PowerEdge R720 SNMP, R720 by HTTP, R740 SNMP, R740 by HTTP, R820 SNMP, R820 by HTTP, R840 SNMP, R840 by HTTP
ZBXNEXT-66625.0.13Fincreased field size to 2000 characters in web scenario variables and web scenario step variables and post fields
ZBXNEXT-66435.0.13Tadded templates HPE ProLiant DL360 SNMP, HPE ProLiant DL380 SNMP, HPE ProLiant BL460 SNMP, HPE ProLiant BL920 SNMP
ZBXNEXT-66265.0.13Tupdated Zabbix Server according to the latest template guidelines
ZBXNEXT-65965.0.13Gadded native linux proc.num support plugin to Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-65955.0.13Tadded Nginx Plus template
ZBXNEXT-65905.0.13Tadded templates ZYXEL ISP switches and DSLAM
ZBXNEXT-65875.0.13Tadded template for Cisco UCS Manager
ZBXNEXT-65825.0.13Aincreased "Attempts" to 100 and "Attempt interval" to 1h in media types
ZBX-89995.0.13Afixed exporting of images separately from other objects
ZBX-194475.0.13Aimplemented item type validation by API
ZBX-194315.0.13changed defaults of widgets in "Zabbix server health" dashboard to show problems for selected items only
ZBX-194245.0.13Afixed trigger handling failing if host name looks like a number
ZBX-193885.0.13Afixed inherited graph and graph prototype update if user has no permissions to child host or template
ZBX-193735.0.13Ffixed security vulnerability for links having target="_blank"
ZBX-193625.0.13Tremoved the multiplier of "Cache swap current size" item in Template App Squid
ZBX-193595.0.13PSfixed error in logsource function due to empty source
ZBX-193585.0.13PSfixed memory leak in case of duplicate vmware hv uuid
ZBX-193545.0.13Tfixed typo and added override for MongoDB templates
ZBX-193495.0.13Tfixed parameters of some keys in "Template DB PostgreSQL agent 2"
ZBX-193445.0.13Tchanged regular expression for trunk active channels counting in template Asterisk by HTTP
ZBX-193405.0.13Soptimized history cache to reduce storage of metadata-only records
ZBX-193205.0.13Ffixed SAML advanced configuration ignores "baseurl" option; added custom option "use_proxy_headers"
ZBX-193185.0.13PSadded sorting by itemids for trends flush to avoid deadlock
ZBX-193005.0.13Fupdated jquery version
ZBX-192995.0.13PSadded more precise epsilon for float64
ZBX-192485.0.13Afixed retrieving of all data from separate database tables inside of API methods when empty value for filter is passed
ZBX-192195.0.13Tadded Cisco image usage policy note and fixed directory structure for Cisco templates
ZBX-192085.0.13Gfixed imprecise logfile timestamps in Agent2 on Windows
ZBX-192035.0.13Ffixed filter values to be unset when switching between pages and resetting filter in latest data history screen
ZBX-192005.0.13Afixed host, template, item, trigger and graph APIs returning unnecessary fields
ZBX-191395.0.13Gfixed memory errors in cmdline parsing on freebsd
ZBX-191235.0.13Ffixed sorting by name or status on action page
ZBX-190845.0.13Ffixed removal of inherited tags in "Tags" tab
ZBX-190175.0.13Ffixed massupdate form of discovered hosts with enabled inventory mode
ZBX-189415.0.13Aimproved error messages on "Execute now" by adding item and host names
ZBX-189145.0.13Gfixed timeout issue with vfs.fs plugin for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-188795.0.13PSfixed update vmware info about vCenter fullname and version
ZBX-188635.0.13Ffixed error when overviews skipped entries with numeric host/item/trigger names
ZBX-187885.0.13Afixed webhook parameters not being reset on media type change
ZBX-186995.0.13Ffixed selected value appearance in popup host group filter
ZBX-186955.0.13Ffixed file_put_contents() runtime error if web server has no write permissions for zabbix.conf.php
ZBX-185245.0.13PSimproved preprocessing diagnostic information to include oldest values in queue and totals to include done, queued, processing and pending
ZBX-182655.0.13Fchanged "Monitoring > Hosts > Latest data" to show Items without data by default