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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-67295.0.14Tadded template "GridGain by JMX"
ZBXNEXT-66605.0.14Tadded template for f5 BIG-IP
ZBXNEXT-59255.0.14Tadded template "Systemd by Zabbix agent 2"
ZBX-196225.0.14Tmoved cisco templates one level higher
ZBX-195885.0.14Tfixed typo in metric name in Template SAN NetApp FAS3220 SNMP
ZBX-195865.0.14Tfixed calculated item expression in "Template PHP-FPM by Zabbix agent" and "Template PHP-FPM by HTTP"
ZBX-195625.0.14Tfixed descriptions of some keys in "Server HP iLO SNMP", removed the "Oracle by ODBC" and "Asterisk by HTTP" templates
ZBX-195455.0.14Tfixed discovery of MPM event in Template Apache
ZBX-195365.0.14Afixed host.get with selectTags = ['tag'] call attempting to retrieve tag value(s) as well
ZBX-195055.0.14GPSfixed automatic log rotation accessing deleted log files for longer than required
ZBX-194985.0.14fixed 'subject' being too long when {TRIGGER.NAME} is converted to {EVENT.RECOVERY.NAME}
ZBX-194815.0.14Sfixed alerting problem while being in maintenance
ZBX-194765.0.14Gfixed support of short form ipv6 in ListenIP field for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-194285.0.14PSfixed high CPU usage and preprocessing workers exiting with timeout when starting numerous poller, trapper and discoverer processes
ZBX-192305.0.14Tfixed typo in Windows template
ZBX-191345.0.14Sfixed not supported icmpping item when server catches a signal