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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-71005.0.19PSadded new LLD macro HV.NETNAME to vmware.hv.discovery
ZBX-203885.0.19Ffixed XSS vulnerability in multiselect
ZBX-203845.0.19Ffixed possibility to view setup pages by non-superadmin if config already file exists
ZBX-203835.0.19Jupdated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars to the latest stable versions
ZBX-203825.0.19Fupdated jquery version
ZBX-203415.0.19PSmoved zbx_ipc_service_init_env() to MAIN_ZABBIX_ENTRY
ZBX-203285.0.19Afixed incomplete inheritance of items, item prototypes, lld rules, host prototypes, when user with type "Admin" was edited them on template which is linked to non-permitted for him templates or hosts
ZBX-202405.0.19added integration tests for trigger state
ZBX-202365.0.19GPSimproved memory consumption in Zabbix proxy trappers by moving configuration sync between database and cache to configuration syncer
ZBX-202365.0.19GPSimproved trappers and listeners memory consumption by freeing received data after it was processed instead of after new data is received
ZBX-202125.0.19Tfixed max columns values for screens in linux templates
ZBX-201925.0.19Gfixed quote expansion in command execution in agent2 on windows
ZBX-200755.0.19Tfixed trigger expression for certificate monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-200605.0.19Tfixed trigger expression for memory monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-198975.0.19GTupdated postgresql templates and plugin files
ZBX-197045.0.19Tfixed item pattern in "Zabbix server health" dashboard
ZBX-196515.0.19Sfixed problem escalation when at least one of the hosts in a trigger expression is not in maintenance
ZBX-184745.0.19Tfixed filters regex in OS Windows template
ZBX-183895.0.19Tfixed sql query for 32 and 64 bit xids postgresql versions in postgresql by user parameters template