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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-60445.0.2Gadded native support in agent2 for https key for net.tcp.service/.perf
ZBXNEXT-60345.0.2Gadded native support of key 'ldap' for item 'net.tcp.service/.perf' to Agent2
ZBXNEXT-60075.0.2Simproved Zabbix server performance when evaluating action conditions for network discovery results from Zabbix proxy
ZBXNEXT-59665.0.2Tupdated SNMP templates for version 5.0
ZBXNEXT-59555.0.2Tadded support of custom fields and custom buttons in message card
ZBXNEXT-59395.0.2Gadded native support of item 'vfs.file.exists' to Agent2
ZBXNEXT-59215.0.2Tadded IIS template
ZBXNEXT-59055.0.2Tadded "Template App Etcd by HTTP"
ZBXNEXT-58955.0.2Tadded Template DB MSSQL by ODBC
ZBXNEXT-58475.0.2AFSadded logging of global script executions into audit log
ZBXNEXT-57635.0.2Ffixed resolving of macros in the item test form for formulas of the calculated items
ZBXNEXT-35885.0.2Simproved Zabbix server performance when evaluating trigger, discovery, autoregistration and internal actions
ZBXNEXT-32055.0.2AFPSadded regex context matching support to user macros
ZBXNEXT-18675.0.2Gadded file type include and exclude parameters to item 'vfs.file.exist'
ZBXCTR-95.0.2Gremoved username and password from 1st level configuration parameters and change connection; removed unused tests and handler
ZBXCTR-75.0.2Tfixed typo in method usage for Telegram media type
ZBX-179315.0.2Afixed dependent discovery rule deletion when deleting master item
ZBX-179225.0.2Gremoved mtime check when matching files on disk with the cached list, this should reduce chances of log files being scanned again after system time changes
ZBX-179205.0.2Ffixed browser error when user tries to access properties without permissions
ZBX-179055.0.2Tchanged type of physical disk performance items from wmi to perf_counter_en and perf_instance_en in Template Module Windows physical disks by Zabbix agent
ZBX-179005.0.2Tfixed the template description - the config file naming is in lowercase
ZBX-178915.0.2Gchanged log, log.count monitoring to ignore file modification time
ZBX-178785.0.2Ffixed low-level discovery rule override operation object label not selecting the related field when clicked on
ZBX-178605.0.2AFfixed host prototype import
ZBX-178535.0.2Ffixed graph filter to be reset when linked from graph screen and host inventory page
ZBX-178515.0.2Sfixed possible deadlocks when deleting escalations
ZBX-178375.0.2PSfixed memory leaks when handling CurlHttpRequest errors
ZBX-178235.0.2Ffixed displaying zero for history values less than one millisecond
ZBX-178165.0.2Sfixed wrong query fields when linking template with host prototype
ZBX-178115.0.2Ffixed runtime error messages on database connection error
ZBX-178095.0.2Ffixed dashboard save button becomes disabled after widget paste
ZBX-178045.0.2Ffixed preservation of "No refresh" interval for new widget copy
ZBX-178025.0.2Ffixed runtime errors in trigger list
ZBX-178015.0.2PSshadow global auto_increment MySQL variables only for proxy
ZBX-177925.0.2Sfixed zabbix sending invalid delete elastic search scroll request
ZBX-177905.0.2Tfixed preprocessing of mysql.created_tmp_files, mysql.created_tmp_disk_tables, mysql.created_tmp_tables, mysql.threads_created items in Template DB MySQL, added triggers
ZBX-177815.0.2Ffixed runtime error in maintenance period popup window
ZBX-177805.0.2Gfixed memory leak
ZBX-177765.0.2Tfixed typo in "Recovery time" field for Discord and MS Teams media
ZBX-177715.0.2Tfixed Zabbix event url in mattermost
ZBX-177595.0.2Galiased EnableRemoteCommands to Allow/[*], added default[*] rule for backwards compatibility
ZBX-177515.0.2Ffixed host group multiselect in popups remembering selected groups when it should not
ZBX-177445.0.2Tchanged width of graphs in screens from 750x100 to 500x100
ZBX-177415.0.2Tchanged setup description for Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-177375.0.2Sfixed value mappings not working for text based simple macros
ZBX-177355.0.2Fmade changes in System information widget to show number of templates on a separate line and number of hosts show only enabled and disabled hosts
ZBX-177295.0.2Ffixed user is always redirected back to login form when using SAML SSO if guest mode is enabled
ZBX-177215.0.2Ffixed message on updating module
ZBX-177205.0.2PSexclude disabled items from preprocessing configuration sync
ZBX-177155.0.2AFfixed filtering and sorting of the Latest Data
ZBX-177025.0.2Sfixed escalation cancellation message not being sent when action is disabled
ZBX-176975.0.2Ffixed strict DFSG compliance issue in using minified jQuery sources
ZBX-176945.0.2PSfixed high memory consumption when using dependent items
ZBX-176935.0.2Ffixed headers and query fields in HTTP item test form; thanks to Mikhail Okhotin for the patch
ZBX-176735.0.2Gremoved redundant shared memory destruction
ZBX-176635.0.2Ffixed user not being redirected back to an URL he was coming from before signing in using SAML SSO
ZBX-176545.0.2Tfixed "Memory utilization" item in template_os_linux and template_os_linux_active by splitting it into master and depended relation
ZBX-176445.0.2Ffixed host address field not being editable and macros not showing for username and password fields in item test popup form for SSH and TELNET item types
ZBX-176255.0.2Ffixed javascript message box formatting
ZBX-176245.0.2PSfixed misleading error message in case of not available datastorage for and vmware.hv.datastore.write metrics
ZBX-175995.0.2Tfixed "ServerVersion" metric for older versions of Apache
ZBX-175775.0.2Ffixed remove of selected items in multiselect
ZBX-175615.0.2Ffixed inherited macro becoming editable after remove
ZBX-174805.0.2Tfixed context of {$TEMP_CRIT} macro in Temperature trigger prototype
ZBX-174065.0.2Jfixed null value for a field of CompositeData in JMX discovery
ZBX-173745.0.2Ffixed radio button state if mass update fails
ZBX-172525.0.2PSfixed building of Zabbix daemons with link time optimization
ZBX-172455.0.2Gfixed agent2 not logging to system log code
ZBX-172265.0.2Ffixed confusing error message being displayed if dbversion table cannot be found
ZBX-171415.0.2Tfixed discovery of block devices by using key instead of reading /proc/diskstats
ZBX-169455.0.2Tchanged type of items "Free swap space" to calculated, "Free swap space in %" to dependent, added item "Used swap space in %"
ZBX-169405.0.2Tadded "Number of cores" item and changed trigger for "CPU queue length" item
ZBX-164615.0.2Tfixed recovery expression for "link down" trigger
ZBX-145395.0.2AFadded validation of the calculated item formula in item.create, item.update, itemprototype.create and itemprototype.update methods