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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-61035.0.3Gadd native linux vfs.fs.discovery metric support to agent2
ZBXNEXT-61025.0.3Gadd native linux vfs.fs.get metric support to agent2
ZBXNEXT-61015.0.3Gadd native linux vfs.fs.inode[fs,<mode>] metric support to agent2
ZBXNEXT-61005.0.3Gadd native linux vfs.fs.size[fs,<mode>] metric support to agent2
ZBXNEXT-60805.0.3Gadd telnet support for net.tcp.service/.perf key and enable it on linux/darwin
ZBXNEXT-60425.0.3Soptimized trigger, calculated item processing by resolving user macros during configuration cache synchronization
ZBXNEXT-60105.0.3Tadded template "Template DB Oracle by ODBC"
ZBXNEXT-60045.0.3PSadded host info to vmware event message log
ZBXNEXT-59035.0.3PSadded vmware datacenters discovery
ZBXCTR-125.0.3TSIGNL4 update to close alerts in SIGNL4 when closed in Zabbix
ZBX-80815.0.3Gfixed 'cmdline' parameter truncation on Solaris 11.3 and later
ZBX-182615.0.3Ffixed Latest data performance by allowing to filter items with data only if hosts are selected as well
ZBX-182145.0.3Gadded collecting of physical CPU utilization data on IBM AIX and modified system.cpu.util[]
ZBX-182045.0.3Ffixed lost password in ssh remote command operation form data
ZBX-181695.0.3Sfixed housekeeper not deleting history and trends for deleted items if storage period is not overridden
ZBX-181605.0.3Ffixed fatal error in items.php and host_discovery.php
ZBX-181495.0.3Ffixed discovered hosts showing links to host prototypes which should not possible
ZBX-181475.0.3FPSfixed wrong character set detection logic for Oracle DB
ZBX-181325.0.3Fadded OpenSSL extension check in frontend setup and SAML authentication form
ZBX-181265.0.3Ffixed incorrect labels in action operations dialog
ZBX-181155.0.3Tadded {$MSSQL.INSTANCE} macro and changed queries and item preprocessing for support MS SQL instance name
ZBX-181065.0.3Ffixed map navigation tree widget copying
ZBX-181055.0.3Sfixed use on uninitialised variable
ZBX-180925.0.3Freimplemented item folding based on application names and improved summary for each application in latest data view
ZBX-180765.0.3Afixed PHP notice in hostinterface API
ZBX-180755.0.3Afixed runtime error when creating a host via API
ZBX-180715.0.3Afixed slow SQL query when filtering items with latest data available
ZBX-180695.0.3Sfixed server exit when trying to execute IPMI script without IPMI pollers
ZBX-180685.0.3Ffixed incorrect function call and redundant code
ZBX-180635.0.3Ffixed usage of unsupported parameter in API call
ZBX-180605.0.3Ffixed inaccessible user be displayed as accessible in slide show properties screen
ZBX-180545.0.3Tchanged preprocessing for nginx.version
ZBX-180465.0.3Aimproved error message generation performance of user macro and item key parser
ZBX-180365.0.3Ffixed endpoint URL for Elasticsearch API requests
ZBX-180325.0.3Ffixed host address and port values are not preserved in item test form
ZBX-180315.0.3Ffixed missing "loading" state in Monitoring → Latest data and Monitoring → Hosts
ZBX-180295.0.3Gfixed cpu counter wraparound handling on Solaris
ZBX-180255.0.3Ffixed availability report link
ZBX-180235.0.3Gfixed format of agent2 version number
ZBX-180145.0.3Sadded ODBC empty query check
ZBX-180145.0.3Sfixed memory leak when action message does not have to be sent
ZBX-180125.0.3AFfixed undefined index error in history manager and added error message in charts when Elasticsearch requests fails
ZBX-180095.0.3AFfixed non-masked secret macros in audit log
ZBX-180015.0.3Ffixed graph prototype widget paging
ZBX-180005.0.3Fadded red label for disabled media types in user profile
ZBX-179975.0.3Ffixed user media passwords appearing in plain text in audit log
ZBX-179965.0.3Ffixed ip/dns field width in host interface
ZBX-179945.0.3Tfixed the configuration example in documentation of Template App Nginx
ZBX-179775.0.3Ffixed port filter not preserved in Monitoring -> Hosts across refresh
ZBX-179745.0.3Gimplement timeouts for WMI queries
ZBX-179735.0.3Ffixed saving widget refresh rate in user profile
ZBX-179685.0.3Ffixed z-index issue in floating widget header
ZBX-179605.0.3Afixed undefined index in trends API
ZBX-179335.0.3Ffixed runtime error in maps
ZBX-179255.0.3Ffixed graph image flicker during update in screens
ZBX-179245.0.3Ffixed php errors in "System information" window for MySQL
ZBX-179175.0.3Gchanged vm.memory.size keys on Solaris to get memory usage statistics from kstat
ZBX-179085.0.3Ffixed too wide popup error messages
ZBX-179035.0.3Tfixed the trigger condition for net.if.status in "Template Module Windows network", changed the wmi query in the master item, filters and preprocessing of LLD rule
ZBX-178985.0.3Ffixed JavaScript errors on pasting widgets
ZBX-178585.0.3Ffixed host group filter in templates general popup
ZBX-178275.0.3Ffixed broken layout of the notification popup window
ZBX-178255.0.3AFfixed dynamic item switching for graph prototype widget
ZBX-178215.0.3Ffixed default header for inaccessible iterator widget content
ZBX-178205.0.3Ffixed classic graph widget default header
ZBX-178155.0.3Gfixed connection timeout when persistent buffer enabled
ZBX-178145.0.3Gfixed memory leaks in the agent persistent buffer
ZBX-177855.0.3Tfixed dbstat query for postgresql v12
ZBX-177825.0.3Ffixed PHP errors occurring during history search using Elasticsearch
ZBX-176825.0.3Ffixed button disable state in template item list and discovery list
ZBX-176535.0.3Ffixed new widget placeholder behavior and dashboard height calculation in edit mode
ZBX-175695.0.3Sfixed calculating items not allowing negative values be corrected in the preprocessing
ZBX-174685.0.3AFfixed excess audit log record being added on host status update
ZBX-169985.0.3Gimproved agent binary compatibility by removing __thread attribute when not building agent2
ZBX-168195.0.3Fadded link to hosts linked to each template in templates list
ZBX-159275.0.3Fremoved problem calculation for dependent triggers when master trigger is in problem state
ZBX-151175.0.3Ffixed graph configuration with large amount of items
ZBX-137895.0.3Afixed SQL errors with Oracle backend due to incorrect use of the USING statement
ZBX-137895.0.3Aimproved performance of "Problems" widget with MySQL backend by removing DISTINCT modifier from SQL statements with tables joined by primary keys
ZBX-133835.0.3Aimproved performance of the trigger and trigger prototype inheritance