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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-62585.0.5Gadded system.swap.size metrics native support to Agent 2
ZBXNEXT-62455.0.5PSadded locks section to diaginfo runtime command to log adresses of the mutexes and read write locks
ZBXNEXT-62325.0.5Tadded LTE monitoring in Template Net Mikrotik SNMP
ZBXNEXT-61895.0.5Tadded "Template Tel Asterisk by HTTP"
ZBXNEXT-61805.0.5Tadded Squid template
ZBXNEXT-61595.0.5Tadded "Template App PHP-FPM by HTTP" and "Template App PHP-FPM by Zabbix agent"
ZBXNEXT-61575.0.5Freworked UI for setup to simplify db encryption configuration
ZBXNEXT-61425.0.5Gadded Ceph monitoring plugin
ZBXNEXT-61185.0.5Tadded template "Template DB Oracle by Zabbix Agent 2"
ZBXNEXT-60205.0.5Tadded template "Template App Ceph by Zabbix Agent2"
ZBX-184645.0.5Ffixed javascript Uncaught TypeError when clicking on disabled multiselect item
ZBX-184625.0.5PSfixed inconsistent auto-registration behaviour for hosts without metadata on Oracle DB compared to other databases when using Zabbix proxy
ZBX-184565.0.5Ffixed encryption field sent in form for non-supported encryption database
ZBX-184435.0.5Ffixed undefined index in item prototype form when creating dependent item using wizard
ZBX-184385.0.5Ffixed missing asterisk mark for "timeout" field in item, item prototype and LLD rule edit forms
ZBX-184175.0.5Afixed unexpected tag errors while importing JSON-exported data
ZBX-184155.0.5Ffixed value caching for item test dialog when opened by 'Test all steps' button
ZBX-184115.0.5Sset maxQueryMetrics default values for vcenter depending on its version
ZBX-184075.0.5PSfixed dependent items not working if it's master item is calculated and host is monitored by Zabbix proxy
ZBX-184005.0.5PSfixed http(s) requests from JavaScript to use SourceIP parameter in connections
ZBX-183965.0.5Ffixed undefined offset in item test form
ZBX-183865.0.5Sfixed server crash after removing snmp host interface from parent host
ZBX-183855.0.5Gfixed segmentation violation in oracle plugin
ZBX-183835.0.5Tfixed the value of the {$HAPROXY.FRONT_SUTIL.MAX.WARN} macro in Template App HAProxy by HTTP
ZBX-183785.0.5Ffixed map context menu not opening for images with URLs
ZBX-183665.0.5Gfixed agent reporting absence of 'Processor Information' counter on old Windows systems
ZBX-183655.0.5PSadded Fping 5.0 support to Zabbix
ZBX-183645.0.5PSfixed inconsistency with autoregistration behaviour for hosts without metadata on Oracle compared to other databases
ZBX-183435.0.5Ffixed in screen "host issue" problem stay even after problem resolved
ZBX-183275.0.5Ffixed undefined index when invalid URL is given
ZBX-182385.0.5Ffixed JavaScript error when "invalid URL" error is displayed
ZBX-182105.0.5Sfixed preprocessor crashing on Solaris due to incorrect byteorder
ZBX-181995.0.5Gchanged the default log filename for agent2 on windows
ZBX-181935.0.5PSadded logging for snmp_cache_reload
ZBX-181185.0.5Ssorted event tag macro selection
ZBX-179755.0.5Gfixed Hostname and HostnameItem for Zabbix Agent 2 test and print execution
ZBX-179165.0.5PSremoved inserting of "wait" into "[]" when executing frontend scripts
ZBX-178775.0.5Ffixed details not displayed on SNMP interfaces within select element
ZBX-174935.0.5Sadded discarding of incoming values outside history/trends storage periods on server
ZBX-171785.0.5PSfixed multi-line value truncation in snmp lld