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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-64435.0.9PSadded sha256() function to JavaScript preprocessing
ZBXNEXT-64415.0.9PSadded function to configure HTTP authentication for embedded scripts
ZBXNEXT-64375.0.9Gadded native support for system.sw.packages plugin in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-63865.0.9PSraised javascript heap limit from 10 megabytes to 64 megabytes; fixed memory leak when heap limit is reached
ZBXNEXT-63855.0.9Tadded template "Apache Ignite by JMX"
ZBXNEXT-63395.0.9Gadded smart plugin to support S.M.A.R.T monitoring in Zabbix Agent 2
ZBXNEXT-63065.0.9Gadded native linux support for key vm.memory.size in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-61835.0.9PSadded md5 checksum computation to preprocessing
ZBXNEXT-58095.0.9Tadded VictorOps media
ZBX-190295.0.9PSfixed Zabbix server and Zabbix proxy not remembering last log size when preprocessing is used
ZBX-189665.0.9Afixed interface related errors when changing proxy type from passive to active
ZBX-189635.0.9Tfixed preprocessing for archivelog items in Oracle Templates
ZBX-189455.0.9Gfixed Zabbix agent 2 build Raspbian 10
ZBX-188875.0.9Ffixed user session expiration when notification checks are performed in background
ZBX-188865.0.9Gimplemented proper resource cleanup when sender terminates by signal
ZBX-188855.0.9PSfixed SNMP agent item not accepting values that are bigger than 2KB
ZBX-188745.0.9Tfixed incorrect links in templates and webhooks documentation
ZBX-188725.0.9Gfixed system.sw.os[name] for cases without quotation mark in /etc/os-release
ZBX-188255.0.9Ffixed last year period calculation in service availability report daily mode
ZBX-186385.0.9Tremoved triggers of the "Temperature" items, added the "Temperature sensor condition" items with triggers, removed unnecessary macros
ZBX-184495.0.9Areworked trigger API validation
ZBX-183775.0.9Tfixed expression in "Memory usage is too high" trigger of "Template DB Redis"
ZBX-183095.0.9Gfixed reading log files with NULL character in log line
ZBX-182375.0.9Ffixed problem description icon in Monitoring->Problems in compact view mode being displayed above problem name
ZBX-182095.0.9Ffixed RegEx delimiter not being escaped in macro resolver
ZBX-175435.0.9Gfixed error in case if wmi.getall returned no items