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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-74146.0.0Tadded new tags to all templates
ZBXNEXT-74116.0.0PSreplaced signals with IPC messages for most of internal runtime control option processing
ZBXNEXT-74096.0.0Gadded native support for the vfs.dir.size and vfs.dir.count keys in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-73896.0.0Tchanged templates to use no linked templates, moved OS templates from the classic folder to the os folder
ZBXNEXT-71256.0.0Fadded new widget "Top hosts"; deprecated widget "Data overview"
ZBXNEXT-7126.0.0Gadded new item vfs.dir.get[] for Agent and Agent2
ZBXNEXT-71156.0.0FSremoved deprecated support of user macros in item names
ZBXNEXT-71126.0.0Tadded new fields in PROMETHEUS_PATTERN preprocessing in templates Etcd, Vault, Linux
ZBXNEXT-71096.0.0PSchanged runtime control options to connecto to zabbix server/proxy using socket rather than sending signals
ZBXNEXT-71076.0.0Fadded Item popup menu in Latest data; added new links in Configuration Items popup menu and Item prototypes popup menu
ZBXNEXT-71016.0.0Simplemented sleep function into JS engine
ZBXNEXT-71006.0.0PSadded new LLD macro HV.NETNAME to vmware.hv.discovery
ZBXNEXT-70926.0.0Fimproved usability for Latest data and Hosts views
ZBXNEXT-70856.0.0Fextended 'formula' field in 'actions' table from 255 to 1024 characters
ZBXNEXT-70786.0.0Tadded pfsense template
ZBXNEXT-70706.0.0Ftransferred host and template mass update template inputs to main tab
ZBXNEXT-70496.0.0AFSadded aggregation options to prometheus pattern preprocessing step, added bulk preprocessing for dependent items
ZBXNEXT-70336.0.0Fanchored modal dialogues to avoid their repositioning during interactions
ZBXNEXT-70316.0.0Tupgraded Oracle by ODBC template for using config string in items
ZBXNEXT-70186.0.0Ftransferred template and group input to main tabs
ZBXNEXT-70146.0.0Tupdated README for a newer version of PagerDuty
ZBXNEXT-70046.0.0Fimplemented service cloning
ZBXNEXT-70016.0.0Tadded support High availability cluster in Zabbix server health/Remote Zabbix server health template
ZBXNEXT-69996.0.0AFSimplemented SLA, SLA reports and SLA report widget
ZBXNEXT-69706.0.0Tadded templates for "MikroTik" Ethernet routers and Switches
ZBXNEXT-69666.0.0AFadded single item widget
ZBXNEXT-69586.0.0Gadded external plugin loader for Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-69556.0.0FSadded trendstl() anomaly detection function
ZBXNEXT-69546.0.0Sadded new macros for debugging trigger expressions
ZBXNEXT-69506.0.0FSimplemented changecount() trigger function
ZBXNEXT-69456.0.0AFimplemented geographical map widget
ZBXNEXT-69366.0.0Gadded possibility to reload user parameters without restarting Zabbix Agent
ZBXNEXT-69306.0.0Fremoved Monitoring -> Overview
ZBXNEXT-69216.0.0FSintroduced support of primary keys for history tables
ZBXNEXT-69126.0.0Simplemented audit for server (processing LLD graphs)
ZBXNEXT-69116.0.0Simplemented audit for server (processing LLD triggers)
ZBXNEXT-68986.0.0FPSadded restriction that prevents server and proxy from working with old unsupported databases
ZBXNEXT-68966.0.0Fadded automatic Item type suggestion
ZBXNEXT-68886.0.0Tadded template "InfluxDB by HTTP"
ZBXNEXT-68796.0.0FSimplemented new history functions "rate", "bucket_rate_foreach" and "bucket_percentile" and math function "histogram_quantile"
ZBXNEXT-68756.0.0Gadded native support for the system.hw.chassis and system.hw.devices keys in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-68716.0.0Simplemented audit for server (processing Web scenarios)
ZBXNEXT-68706.0.0Simplemented support of additional HTTP methods for webhooks
ZBXNEXT-68696.0.0FSremoved positional macros in item name
ZBXNEXT-68616.0.0Tupdated Zabbix proxy templates according to the latest guidelines
ZBXNEXT-68566.0.0Simplemented audit for server (linking templates - graphs, graph prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-68556.0.0Simplemented audit for server (linking templates - triggers, trigger prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-68526.0.0Fupdated localization for Zabbix Support URL; replaced Zabbix Share link with link to Zabbix Integrations
ZBXNEXT-68406.0.0GPSimproved protocol to support Zabbix proxy configuration of size up to 16 GB; improved performance and memory usage by freeing uncompressed data as fast as possible and compressing before connection
ZBXNEXT-68376.0.0Tadded VMWare SD-WAN VeloCloud template
ZBXNEXT-68306.0.0Simplemented audit on server (processing discovered items)
ZBXNEXT-68246.0.0AFSreplaced simple macros with expression macros
ZBXNEXT-68226.0.0Tadded Github media type
ZBXNEXT-68206.0.0Sadded utf8mb3 when checking for supported mysql character sets and collations
ZBXNEXT-68176.0.0Simplemented audit for server (linking templates - items, items prototypes, discovery rules)
ZBXNEXT-68136.0.0AFSdropped support of British English as frontend language
ZBXNEXT-68106.0.0Simplemented audit on server (processing of LLD rules and discovered hosts)
ZBXNEXT-68096.0.0PSchanged behavior of the vmware event log, the 'skip' option of the new item resets the VMware event cache
ZBXNEXT-68026.0.0FSimplemented audit for server (linking templates - host, host prototypes)
ZBXNEXT-68006.0.0AFimplemented complex service status calculation and propagation rules
ZBXNEXT-67896.0.0Tadded template for Travis CI
ZBXNEXT-67876.0.0AFSadded support of user permissions for service tree
ZBXNEXT-67846.0.0Gremoved item being unsupported when swap is not configured
ZBXNEXT-67826.0.0Gadded new parameters for system.hostname
ZBXNEXT-67736.0.0FSadded new aggregation functions count, exists_foreach and item_count
ZBXNEXT-67726.0.0FSadded new prometheus label matching operators != and !~
ZBXNEXT-67576.0.0Fadded ability to create/edit hosts via modal form
ZBXNEXT-67556.0.0AFSadded support of alerting in services
ZBXNEXT-67506.0.0added IgnoreURLCertErrors configuration option to web service
ZBXNEXT-67086.0.0Gfixed 3rd parameter for Zabbix agent 2 web.certificate.get plugin
ZBXNEXT-67026.0.0Tadded {#FSLABEL} macro in item names of the "Windows filesystems by Zabbix agent/agent active" templates, changed vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd] key to vfs.file.cksum[/etc/passwd,sha256] in Unix templates
ZBXNEXT-6696.0.0Fadded maintenance status icon to Latest Data page
ZBXNEXT-66886.0.0Gadded new items for Agent and Agent2
ZBXNEXT-66876.0.0Fimplemented subfilter and named filters for latest data section
ZBXNEXT-66796.0.0Simproved performance of template linking on Zabbix Server
ZBXNEXT-66776.0.0Gadded cpu percent field to docker.container_stats key for docker plugin in Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-66776.0.0GTadded cpu percent field to docker.container_stats key for docker plugin in Zabbix agent 2 and docker template
ZBXNEXT-66746.0.0AFSadded tag based mapping of problems in services
ZBXNEXT-66516.0.0Gadded new item agent.variant for Agent and Agent2
ZBXNEXT-66446.0.0PSadded support for vmware key named 'vmware.hv.maintenance'
ZBXNEXT-66086.0.0PSadded support for vmware key named 'vmware.hv.sensors.get'
ZBXNEXT-66016.0.0AFSadded monoinc() and monodec() functions
ZBXNEXT-65936.0.0FGadded support of persistent files for restoring log item state after agent restart
ZBXNEXT-64286.0.0Gmoved plugins config options to separate files
ZBXNEXT-62506.0.0AFSadded option to opt-out of "escalation canceled" messages
ZBXNEXT-49226.0.0GPSadded support for pcre2
ZBXNEXT-46356.0.0Tadded templates for Kubernetes Controlplane and Kubestate metrics
ZBXNEXT-40296.0.0AFimplemented password policy support
ZBXNEXT-37066.0.0FPSadded support for utf8mb4 encoding with utf8mb4_bin collation on mysql and mariadb
ZBXNEXT-31406.0.0Sadded {ITEM.STATE.ERROR},{LLDRULE.STATE.ERROR},{TRIGGER.STATE.ERROR} macros to indicate error messages in internal monitoring alerts
ZBXNEXT-30226.0.0AFSimproved scalability of services
ZBXNEXT-2846.0.0Gadded timeout parameter to zabbix_sender and zabbix_get
ZBXNEXT-24856.0.0PSTmoved odbc poller into separate poller type
ZBXNEXT-24756.0.0PSadded handling of compressed content to web monitoring
ZBXNEXT-24066.0.0AFSimplemented service problem root cause analysis
ZBX-205246.0.0Ffixed usage of history source and extra data selection in Top hosts widget
ZBX-205096.0.0Tchanged host group in Squid, Hikvision, Morningstar templates
ZBX-205086.0.0Ffixed console error when creating or editing host prototypes
ZBX-205046.0.0Ffixed impossibility to select a service in conditions of service actions
ZBX-204946.0.0Ffixed multiple hintbox issue upon widget updates
ZBX-204906.0.0Sfixed initial ha failover delay update, improved RTC and HA service communications
ZBX-204856.0.0Ffixed cancel button not working when creating a new discovery rule
ZBX-204816.0.0Pfixed warning in log when updgrading Zabbix proxy database
ZBX-204756.0.0Gfixed panic when Plugins.Smart.Path is set in Zabbix agent 2, by inroducing System config keywords
ZBX-204666.0.0Ffixed context menu, which was not appearing for numeric discovered items
ZBX-204606.0.0Ffixed color-picker not updating selected color in its input element
ZBX-204536.0.0Gfixed Agent 2 compilation issues on macOS
ZBX-204466.0.0Sfixed housekeeper failure when deleting auditlog entries; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-204446.0.0Gfixed Agent and Agent 2 compilation with libpcre2 on Windows
ZBX-204366.0.0Gfixed hardcoded -lpcre in Agent 2 embedded C code
ZBX-204326.0.0Ffixed impossibility to import templates with triggers mapping to hosts with numeric names
ZBX-204316.0.0Ffixed template import button shown out of bounds
ZBX-204286.0.0Ffixed table headers above the graph area in Graph widget configuration form
ZBX-204206.0.0Sincreased storage size of the 'parameters' field of the 'alerts' table for Oracle backend
ZBX-204176.0.0Gfixed vfs.file.get error for HP-UX; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-204166.0.0Gfixed vfs.file.owner to display unknown user:group numerically instead of error
ZBX-204156.0.0Ffixed host list page showing incorrect default interface
ZBX-204056.0.0PSimproved timeouts in JS
ZBX-203966.0.0Tfixed expression for "Calculated value of innodb_log_file_size" item in MySQL templates
ZBX-203886.0.0Ffixed XSS vulnerability in multiselect
ZBX-203846.0.0Ffixed possibility to view setup pages by non-superadmin if config already file exists
ZBX-203836.0.0Jupdated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars to the latest stable versions
ZBX-203826.0.0Fupdated jquery version
ZBX-203776.0.0Simplemented hmac-sha256 for server for scheduled reports cookies
ZBX-203716.0.0Gfixed crash in Agent2 when monitoring log files
ZBX-203706.0.0Ffixed textarea tags not expanding in service editing form
ZBX-203596.0.0Ffixed export on Monitoring Problems page getting out of sync with filter
ZBX-203506.0.0AFchanged hash algo for encrypted cookies
ZBX-203426.0.0Ffixed keyboard navigation for colorpicker
ZBX-203416.0.0PSmoved zbx_ipc_service_init_env() to MAIN_ZABBIX_ENTRY
ZBX-203306.0.0Sadded handling of nan/inf values in ipmi discovery
ZBX-203286.0.0Afixed incomplete inheritance of items, item prototypes, lld rules, host prototypes, when user with type "Admin" was edited them on template which is linked to non-permitted for him templates or hosts
ZBX-203166.0.0Tadded macro for password and changed conf file in postgresql by user parameters template
ZBX-203116.0.0PSreturned the value -1 for bucket_percentile() and histogram_quantile() if bucket[+inf] = 0
ZBX-203036.0.0Tfixed trigger name in MSSQL template
ZBX-203006.0.0Ffixed displaying extra decimal digits in vertical scales of graphs for item units prefixed with "!"
ZBX-202946.0.0Ffixed typo in system information table
ZBX-202936.0.0PSfixed icmpping items group becomes not supported due to error in interval detection
ZBX-202926.0.0Sfixed LLD overrides for item for particular corner-case
ZBX-202886.0.0Ffixed cloning services twice hitting enter key in configuration form
ZBX-202786.0.0Ffixed XSS attack vulnerability in scheduled report configuration form
ZBX-202766.0.0PSfixed parameter parsing error in bucket_percentile
ZBX-202706.0.0AFfixed XSS vulnerability, max zoom level validation, inventory field processing and initial view hintbox text in geomap widget
ZBX-202696.0.0Gadded handling of performance counter with negative denominator value
ZBX-202686.0.0Ffixed disabled button issue when cloning a service
ZBX-202676.0.0Ffixed browser error when using dynamic rows
ZBX-202586.0.0Tfixed tags processing for Zammad media type
ZBX-202496.0.0Sfixed escalator query failure on Oracle
ZBX-202466.0.0PSfixed unpredictable choice of vmware hv ip for HA mode of management interface
ZBX-202406.0.0added integration tests for trigger state
ZBX-202386.0.0Sfixed linking templates with trigger prototypes
ZBX-202326.0.0Sadded HA node table cleanup on startup
ZBX-202256.0.0Ffixed host modal window not opening on many pages
ZBX-202046.0.0Gfixed range check for perfcounter in agent2 on windows
ZBX-202006.0.0Afixed PHP runtime errors when updating media type
ZBX-201926.0.0Gfixed quote expansion in command execution in agent2 on windows
ZBX-201866.0.0Afixed incorrect count of result rows reported by API
ZBX-201786.0.0Sfixed action webhook failure when return value is not required
ZBX-201776.0.0Sadded acnowledgeid index for alerts table
ZBX-201766.0.0Sfixed trigger not being calculated for first value when item changes state to supported; fixed build failure when DES is disabled in Net-SNMP; fixed tests on big-endian systems
ZBX-201756.0.0Schanged functions with disabled history/trends to return error
ZBX-201706.0.0Ffixed trigger expression testing constructor for monoinc and monodec functions
ZBX-201646.0.0Gfixed agent2 crash caused by wmi metrics
ZBX-201586.0.0Fadded label to standalone server and fixed issue caused by setup step skew
ZBX-201506.0.0Tfixed special characters escaping in markdown parsing of the Telegram media type
ZBX-201436.0.0Gfixed tcp timeout not working in net.dns.record
ZBX-201396.0.0Srenamed ExternalAddress to NodeAddress and removed ListenIP/Port dependency
ZBX-201376.0.0Sfixed HA node not to become active after restart if there is another node that can take over
ZBX-201326.0.0Ffixed item type mismatch warning not getting removed for non-matching key
ZBX-201256.0.0Ffixed invalid argument error in trigger test
ZBX-201246.0.0Ffixed incorrect number of days in the error message when the display period is exceeded
ZBX-201236.0.0Ffixed svg graph widgets not displaying data for certain time periods
ZBX-201206.0.0Afixed import of several hosts assigned to different proxies
ZBX-201136.0.0Tfixed items value map for VMware template
ZBX-200976.0.0PSadded celsius support to vmware unitInfo
ZBX-200896.0.0Sfixed server crash during network discovery when default inventory mode is not Disabled
ZBX-200856.0.0PSfixed build on Solaris; thanks to Yuuki Enomoto for the patch
ZBX-200806.0.0Tfixed error message
ZBX-200796.0.0Afixed web scenarios import / export error when authentication method is kerberos
ZBX-200776.0.0Sfixed possible collision of audit entities for server in json
ZBX-200756.0.0Tfixed trigger expression for certificate monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-200656.0.0Sfixed count() function gt,ge,lt,le operations
ZBX-200606.0.0Tfixed trigger expression for memory monitoring in F5 Big-IP SNMP template
ZBX-200326.0.0PSfixed server crash when restarting monitored vmware vc
ZBX-200216.0.0Afixed impossibility to import media types of type script with parameters from previous versions
ZBX-200196.0.0Tfixed README file in Oracle by Zabbix Agent 2 template
ZBX-200176.0.0Tadded new metrics, fixed update intervals in the "F5 Big-IP" template
ZBX-200156.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent not being able to retrieve active checks configuration on Windows
ZBX-200146.0.0Sfixed server audit to generate CUID during entry creation instead of audit flush
ZBX-200106.0.0PSfixed crash in zabbix-proxy-sqlite3 caused by uninitialized pointer in db_version_info struct
ZBX-200086.0.0Gremoved curl and ldap linkage from agent2
ZBX-200066.0.0Sfixed Zabbix server must not audit default DB values
ZBX-200036.0.0Tfixed update and discard intervals in generic snmp and some other templates
ZBX-200016.0.0PSfixed crash and invalid bytecode error being generated on big-sendian systems when javascript is used; upgraded duktape to version 2.6
ZBX-199976.0.0Ffixed too long URL error when performing background page refresh
ZBX-199916.0.0Afixed template import of dependent items and item prototypes having newly created master item
ZBX-199896.0.0Sfixed audit flush when used with Oracle
ZBX-199786.0.0Afixed SQL errors when trying to get count of the interfaces
ZBX-199736.0.0Ffixed event list hintbox field validation
ZBX-199636.0.0Tfixed macro with regular expression for serial numbers discovery in cisco template
ZBX-199616.0.0Sfixed possible crash due to trigger functions being updated during LLD
ZBX-199586.0.0Tfixed macro with regular expression for interfaces discovery in OS linux template
ZBX-199586.0.0Tfixed macro with regular expression for interfaces discovery in OS linux templates
ZBX-199546.0.0Afixed updating of the "subject" and "message" parameters in scheduled reports
ZBX-199526.0.0GPSremoved libmodbus linkage from server and proxy
ZBX-199396.0.0Tfixed typo in Clickhouse Template README
ZBX-199316.0.0PSfixed crash on big-endian systems when processing history
ZBX-199266.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent crashing when reading event log on Windows Server 2022
ZBX-199246.0.0Sfixed trigger expression and calculated items not allowing to specify timeshift that ends in future even if it starts in the past
ZBX-199236.0.0Sfixed incorrect audit after context name change in host prototype
ZBX-199206.0.0Tchanged setup instruction in README of the "IIS by Zabbix agent" template
ZBX-199146.0.0Sfixed Web scenarios fields update during template linking
ZBX-199126.0.0Gfixed mysql.db.size, mysql.replication.get_slave_status and pgsql.custom.query items for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-198996.0.0Ffixed mass update not working across pages
ZBX-198976.0.0GTupdated postgresql templates and plugin files
ZBX-198896.0.0Sfixed server not updating trigger dependencies and other data during linking
ZBX-198886.0.0Afixed selectUpdateOperations option not accepting "extend" value in Actions API
ZBX-198836.0.0Ffixed broken secret text macro button style
ZBX-198726.0.0Sremoved redundant escaping in XML data of HTTP agent POST request
ZBX-198666.0.0PSfixed possible duplication of server log messages with first network error or interface activation
ZBX-198656.0.0Tfixed typos in "F5 Big-IP SNMP" template
ZBX-198646.0.0Tfixed preprocessing of "Checkpoint sync time" item, fixed the regex in preprocessing in the "Ping time" item, fixed SQL request in the "Get transactions" item in "DB PostgreSQL" template
ZBX-198576.0.0Adropped support for the non-working option "with_gui_access" in the usergroup.get() method
ZBX-198506.0.0Afixed unnecessary updates of database records in the report.update() method
ZBX-198496.0.0Tfixed a trigger name typo in the "MSSQL by ODBC" template
ZBX-198486.0.0PSfixed vmware perf counters that return percentage values
ZBX-198356.0.0Tfixed incorrect master item in template "Hikvision camera by HTTP"
ZBX-198226.0.0ASfixed Zabbix server not to populate housekeeper table with tasks that are never deleted when TimescaleDB partitioning is used
ZBX-198176.0.0Ffixed module config not being stored in database when module is discovered
ZBX-198156.0.0Afixed multiple data convertion issues in import between versions 1.8/2.0 and 5.0
ZBX-198146.0.0Sadded ignoring final result in case if fping quits on a signal
ZBX-198066.0.0Sadded support of multiple header fields in JS method getHeaders()
ZBX-197816.0.0Sfixed server not linking host prototype inventory mode
ZBX-197766.0.0Tfixed README file
ZBX-197746.0.0Tfixed README examples
ZBX-197606.0.0Tfixed interface operstate valuemap in the linux templates
ZBX-197126.0.0PSfixed unavailable interface to affect only Zabbix agent checks,SNMP agent checks, IPMI checks and JMX monitoring
ZBX-197046.0.0Tfixed item pattern in "Zabbix server health" dashboard
ZBX-196836.0.0Ffixed editable UI tags component for discovered host edit form
ZBX-196756.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent 2 -R windows service crash
ZBX-196696.0.0Ffixed success message not showing when no fields were changed in Administration->Authentication page
ZBX-196516.0.0Sfixed problem escalation when at least one of the hosts in a trigger expression is not in maintenance
ZBX-196356.0.0fixed build failure when DES is disabled in Net-SNMP or when LTO is used
ZBX-196236.0.0Tfixed Jira Service Desk URL in webhook
ZBX-196146.0.0Gfixed proc.num,proc.cpu.utilization,proc.mem metrics not working properly when compiled with unsupported Go version and improved performance by using functions introduced in Go 1.16
ZBX-196136.0.0Gfixed Zabbix agent 2 redis plugin to closer match redis-cli connection
ZBX-196046.0.0PSincreased storage size of fields item_preproc.params, triggers.description and media_type_message.message for Oracle backend
ZBX-195876.0.0Jfixed Zabbix Java gateway error message when object or attribute is not found
ZBX-195846.0.0Fincreased width for Subscriptions section of Scheduled reports to avoid text clipping
ZBX-195816.0.0Ffixed untranslated and incorrectly translated strings
ZBX-195806.0.0Ffixed date format mismatch in UI elements that are loaded via JavaScript
ZBX-195696.0.0Tchanged linked template "Zabbix agent" to "Zabbix agent active" in templates "Windows by Zabbix agent active" and "Linux by Zabbix agent active"
ZBX-195656.0.0Gfixed agent2 to return the same 255 code as agent1 when key does not find service
ZBX-195146.0.0Tfixed disc utilization metric for windows discs discovery
ZBX-195106.0.0Gfixed re-reading of old Windows events for various Windows event system synchronization problems
ZBX-194566.0.0Schanged zbx_trends_parse_range() behavior for zero time period, added test cases
ZBX-194406.0.0Sadded utf-8 support to zbx_set_json_strerror
ZBX-194196.0.0Ffixed not refreshing graph widgets on dashboards
ZBX-193956.0.0Tchanged version in links of the templates and the media
ZBX-193566.0.0Ffixed failure when editing Templates caused by exceeding max_input_vars limit
ZBX-193516.0.0Sfixed event correlation query failure on Oracle
ZBX-192846.0.0Tadded smart.disk.attr.raw item, removed unit for smart.disk.hours item in "SMART by Zabbix agent 2" template
ZBX-192376.0.0Tchanged condition in SQL request of pgsql.connections.sum.waiting item in DB PostgreSQL template to exclude rows with idle state
ZBX-192366.0.0Sfixed task manager constantly busy with close_problem task if trigger no longer exists but event still exist
ZBX-191856.0.0GTfixed free bytes calculation for temporary tablespace in Oracle by ODBC and by agent2 template
ZBX-191206.0.0Ffixed escaping values in resolved macros in item test form for HTTP items when Request body type is JSON or XML
ZBX-189886.0.0Gadded vm.vmemory.size metric to Zabbix agent 2 for Windows
ZBX-189756.0.0Ffixed item value being truncated in item test form
ZBX-189446.0.0PSfixed the fields size for LLD validation of triggers.description and item_preproc.params
ZBX-186806.0.0Tfixed multi-channel notification issue in "Slack" media type
ZBX-186116.0.0Ffixed division by zero error due to small graph size when using gradient lines
ZBX-185546.0.0Tfixed MSSQL by ODBC README
ZBX-184746.0.0Tfixed regexp in macros in Template Module Windows Services
ZBX-183896.0.0Tfixed sql query for 32 and 64 bit xids postgresql versions in postgresql by user parameters template
ZBX-177486.0.0Fimproved host graphs page
ZBX-168966.0.0Tadded interface speed metric to linux by agent templates and fixed interfaces tags
ZBX-168036.0.0Gfixed ability to use Interface Guid in network interface LLD