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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-74876.0.1Gimplemented discovery of disabled systemd units with Zabbix agent 2
ZBXNEXT-74676.0.1AFfixed strict types in bitwise operators
ZBXNEXT-74086.0.1Gadded native support for the net.dns and net.dns.record keys in Zabbix agent 2, fixed Zabbix agent 1 SOA response formatting
ZBXNEXT-66246.0.1Tadded triggers, macros, changed filters and overrides in LLD rules
ZBXNEXT-58396.0.1GPSadded SNI in encrypted TCP connections
ZBX-206806.0.1Ffixed reflected XSS issues
ZBX-206726.0.1Gfixed compilation on HP-UX due to missing zbxtypes.h include
ZBX-206496.0.1Sfixed crash when server attempted to use trigger after it was removed from cache
ZBX-206196.0.1Ffixed massupdate button form in Safari browser
ZBX-206176.0.1fixed default geomap provider on clean install
ZBX-205706.0.1fixed --with-libevent option on FreeBSD
ZBX-205646.0.1Tchanged health state sensor item to lld in vmware hypervisor template
ZBX-205626.0.1Tfixed item names in rabbitmq and elasticsearch templates
ZBX-205446.0.1PSfixed wrong sql query for lld triggers
ZBX-205376.0.1Tfixed uptime oid for pfsense template
ZBX-205306.0.1Sfixed compilation error on FreeBSD
ZBX-205196.0.1Ffixed overlay dialog look on trigger page when host name is short
ZBX-205176.0.1Tmoved Brocade,Cisco,Linux,Windows module templates from files and yaml template to different files into the modules folder
ZBX-205066.0.1PSimproved performance of configuration syncer; increased default cache size to 32M
ZBX-205026.0.1Sfixed host prototype discovery override in case LLD JSON contains duplicate hosts
ZBX-204876.0.1Gfixed agent handling of invalid time intervals
ZBX-204726.0.1Gfixed database lock crash in Zabbix Agent 2 using SQLite
ZBX-204506.0.1PSfixed non ascii symbols being replaced by question marks when using MariaDB
ZBX-204436.0.1Tfixed requirement of admin rights for creating issues with custom fields and added option to close tasks in Redmine webhook
ZBX-204306.0.1Ffixed stretching action log screen because of long messages without whitespace
ZBX-204266.0.1Ffixed maintenance icon with host name in latest data table
ZBX-203736.0.1Pfixed conf syncer appearing to be busy on proxy on network problem
ZBX-203396.0.1Gfixed incorrect smart plugin device type in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-203346.0.1Sfixed macro support in aggregate functions
ZBX-202906.0.1Gfixed missing HTTP metrics support for Windows Agent
ZBX-202536.0.1Ffixed incorrect usage of function "length" in zabbix server trigger creation
ZBX-202286.0.1GPSimproved error reporting when SSL_write() or SSL_read() functions fail, removed redundant code that resulted in timeout on windows
ZBX-200596.0.1Sfixed duplicate metric values being inserted when there is network issue between Zabbix server and Zabbix proxy
ZBX-200306.0.1Gfixed system.cpu.num runtime cpu change in Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-200056.0.1Ffixed main checkbox not being selected when all other checkboxes are selected
ZBX-199566.0.1Ffixed Proxy address and PSK field issues when cloning a proxy and fixed green indicator not showing in edit mode
ZBX-197966.0.1Ffixed macros tab indicator showing incorrect count when inherited option is selected and a new macro is added
ZBX-197896.0.1Sadded SourceIP support to ldap simple checks
ZBX-196376.0.1Sfixed trigger status change after template update and linking
ZBX-128526.0.1PSfixed redundant query of vmware hv sensors info