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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-80406.0.11PSadded object-based JSON parsing and JSONPath optimizations
ZBXNEXT-80096.0.11PSadded JSONPath optimizations
ZBXNEXT-79496.0.11Tadded a preposition "by" to template names
ZBXNEXT-68446.0.11Tadded Cisco Meraki template
ZBX-219866.0.11Ffixed spoofing X-Forwarded-For request header allows to access Frontend in maintenace mode
ZBX-218696.0.11fixed database upgrade from 5.0 on setups requiring primary keys for tables
ZBX-218306.0.11Sfixed syntax of a message identifier in the In-Reply-To e-mail header field
ZBX-218256.0.11Simproved history syncer performance
ZBX-218236.0.11Gfixed vfs.fs.inode and vfs.fs.get to handle file systems with zero total inodes count
ZBX-218186.0.11Sadded escaping of macro values in script item parameters
ZBX-218166.0.11Ffixed the "i" icon alignment in the Info column in Problems section with compact view
ZBX-217866.0.11PSfixed the 'invalid timeout' error occurring after script item parameters removal
ZBX-217656.0.11Sremoved HTTP header "Accept-Encoding" from defaults in a web scenario step request
ZBX-217156.0.11fixed Zabbix JS (zabbix_js) crash when parsing short version of "timeout" option -t
ZBX-216876.0.11Ffixed persistent preloader icons over dashboard widgets on Safari 16
ZBX-216776.0.11Ffixed checkbox resetting in Monitoring->Latest data and Monitoring->Problems
ZBX-216556.0.11Supdated VMware datastore discovery to prevent returning the same datastore multiple times
ZBX-216206.0.11Tchanged an update interval for the passwd checksum item in OS templates to 15m
ZBX-216166.0.11Sfixed an error due to non-existent macros in custom expressions
ZBX-215886.0.11Toptimized the template Kubernetes nodes by HTTP
ZBX-215366.0.11Freverted fix for backslash escape in trigger expression constructor
ZBX-215346.0.11Areverted fix for parsing of backslashes in quoted function parameters
ZBX-204786.0.11Tfixed the script Kubernetes cluster state
ZBX-203206.0.11Ffixed order of checkboxes in user role view; added vertical display to CCheckBoxList; removed CSeverityCheckBoxList
ZBX-198136.0.11Sreworked inteface updates in template linking and LLD
ZBX-174196.0.11Sprepared an upgrade patch for backporting the feature to 5.0
ZBX-174196.0.11ASoptimized API queries when searching through names in hosts and items tables