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凡例: A - API, F - Frontend, G - Agent, J - Java gateway, P - Proxy, S - Server, T - Template

ZBXNEXT-74936.0.2Tadded garbage collector and memory pool discovery to generic Java template
ZBXNEXT-74856.0.2AFfixed debug_backtrace function usage for php8
ZBXNEXT-71166.0.2Gadded ability to force active checks after restart on Zabbix agent2
ZBX-206976.0.2Sfixed crash in configuration syncer when non prototype item is used in trigger prototype expression
ZBX-206926.0.2GPSfixed missing include in setproctitle.h
ZBX-206856.0.2Ffixed graph widget configuration for small screens
ZBX-206456.0.2Ffixed empty space missing between table headers in Filters table in LLD config form
ZBX-206406.0.2Ffixed X-axis field placement in different rows in Axis tab in Graph widget
ZBX-205216.0.2Tcorrected typos in templates, README and media types
ZBX-205006.0.2Ffixed values in last check column on web monitoring page being displayed differently than on latest data page
ZBX-204656.0.2Ffixed marking username entry mandatory for SSH and Telnet agent items
ZBX-200496.0.2Fimplemented keyboard control for info icons
ZBX-199656.0.2Sfixed database upgrade for SNMP interfaces
ZBX-195836.0.2Funified date format across datepickers
ZBX-192236.0.2Ffixed disabled hosts not listed in latest data view